DRAMAtical Murder Review

Three reviews in one day. Hooray!!!

Midorijima Island has been privatized and turned into a resort called Platinum Jail, which resembles a theme park crossed with the cyberspace used to make the Digimon World. The old inhabitants live in peace until a game named Rhyme starts brainwashing people and turning them into what I guess are cyber heads since they are addicted to the game, this draws in Aoba whose unusual dual personality seems to be the key to this mystery as gang leaders and other strange odditities become drawn to Aoba as they work out the mystery behind the brainwashing and it's links to Platinum Jail and why Aoba is such a key player.
My first attempt at trying a more sophisticated anime, as I'm trying to dive into newer territories but this wasn't the best start to this campaign; for all it's flashy color palettes DRAMAtical Murder is a mystery that cannot be solved in 12 episodes and needs to be experienced in game form first.
The bits I like are the Allmates, cute little fluffy pets that act as little computers and having the bad endings in the OVA was an inspired touch.
I'm not keen on the dub voice acting, some scenes are a little flat while others needed a bit more edge to them and the series overall is not something I'd consider watching by choice but I don't regret trying it.
Final Verdict: While very colorful and has great ideas it cannot be done in anime form that easily so I suggest playing the game first.