Top 25 Vehicles in Anime

Animation maybe my first love but my second love is cars, so this time we have a special run of the top 25 vehicles of anime; rules this time are, all entries must have a real life counterpart and must be one car per series.
Updated with an honorable mention

Honorable Mention: Ford Sierra Cosworth from Goddamn!
This one off OVA has a number of big name rally cars most notable a 1986 Ford Sierra Cosworth driven by the main character.

25. Optimus Prime from Transformers
Rated low for being a hybrid American/Japanese cartoon. Most early carnations of optimus depict his disguise as a Peterbilt Truck.

24. Officer Jenny's Bike from Pokemon
For a series that glorifies walking & cycling, only the police force can hold onto such wheels in the form of a Harley Davidson Road Glide.

23. Seta's Van from Love Hina
A vehicle Ace Ventura himself would be proud of, a Subaru Sambar Campervan built for durability. Ken Akamatsu himself owned one.

22. Jeep from Saiyuki
Beats walking to India and you don't need to park it as it comes complete with cute dragon form.

21. 6-Wheel Tyrrell F1 from Moldiver
As part of the storyline of celebrating the 20th Century this one off race car becomes the centerpiece of one of the episodes.

20. T-74 Tank from Those Who Hunt Elves
The only way to travel an elven world is a Japanese Military tank possessed by a cat spirit.

19. Ban's Car from Getbackers
A cheapskate car for a cheapskate team, saying that this Subaru 360 has done decent mileage.

18. Hermes from Kino's Journey
A talking bike based on an early 20th century Brough Superior, the engine sounds beautiful.

17. See-Through from Panty & Stocking
The oddly named Hummer driven by the Anarchy Sisters, in true Barbie pink.

16. Lisa's Car from Ponyo
For a little Mitsubishi Minica it does the job when attacked by a Ponyo Storm.

15. Yui's Subaru Vivio from Lucky Star
The most epic scene you'll ever see on the road & she still managed to keep to the speed limit.

14. Lupin's car from Castle of Cagliostro
A Fiat 500 that has no trouble climbing cliffs.

13. Police Cars from You're Under Arrest
For just mere Honda Today, they certainly see a lot of action, although you can only brake with your feet in some of them.

12. Mach 5 from Speed Racer
Borrows many design traits from old Le Mans sports cars most notably the Ferrari 250 Testarossa. Replicas already exist.

11. Karts from Capeta
The most over dramatic scenes of turning a corner you'll ever see.

10. Road Buster from Riding Bean
A hybrid of a Porsche 959 & Corvette Stingray, some other sports cars may have even taken inspiration from it. See Gunsmith Cats Review for a picture.

9. Lorna Endou's Lotus Europa from Ex-Driver
In a world where A.I. drive every car, a team of drivers stops them from going rogue in style. The image near the top is a Caterham Super 7 from the same show.

8. Reiko's Motorcycle from Goldenboy
A sexy looking Bimota Tesi driven by an equally sexy lady, beaten by a pervert on a bicycle.

7. Misato's Car from Evangelion
A Renault Alpine A310 built to withstand the onslaught of angel attacks, still looks like a trash heap though.

6. Toyota Trueno from Initial D
Pity I don't rate the series but everyone will agree that the Trueno is the standout car from all the other cars in this show.

5. Rally's Shelby Cobra from Gunsmith Cats
Loved so much it even made the opening title sequence, admire this piece of American Automotive genius.

4. Celty's Bike from Durarara
A hybrid of a Yamaha V-Max and a Honda RCB, comes complete with dark aura, headless rider and horse noises.

3. Kaneda's Bike from Akira
It looks unreal but one officially approved by the author is doing the rounds in Japan for charity.

2. Haruko's Vespa from FLCL
For an Italian scooter it looks so much more awesome in the hands of guitar wielding Haruko.

1. Yukari-Mobile from Azumanga Daioh
But no car has ever been so terrifying than this one, a beat up Toyota Corolla E120 that has traumatized it's passengers to breaking point whenever it's mentioned. Stay away from this car.