Little Snow Fairy Sugar Review

Warning! The following review will be the manliest review you'll ever read.
You need to be this manly to read this review.

Without further delay here is the review of Little Snow Fairy Sugar

We begin our story in the fictional German town of Muhlenberg, (Based on the actual German town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber) about a young girl named Saga, who is very strict with the idea of a structured routine but things get complicated when a Weather Fairy named Sugar appears before her looking for Twinkle; Saga who is the only one who can see Sugar decides to help Sugar search for this Twinkle.
That's pretty much it, basic plot so lets look more in depth.
The concept of the Weather Fairy is interesting, based on an old European Tale about Sprites who can control the weather. In this production they do so with Musical Instruments, although being named after spices is not really that original.
Saga herself is a very typical Shoujo heroine following a checklist of attributes as follows.
Dead mother, unexplained disappearance of father, a memento of her mother that she treasures, getting angry at other characters and making up later, getting upset when other people don't understand what she's going through, looking & acting weird when it looks like you are talking to someone invisible, two friends you'll never break-up with, a rival you didn't want and finally looking cute & smiley enough to sell this series.
Sugar is a very typical child character following this checklist.
Very curious, eats more than she can handle, looks up to her mother, gullible, throws a tantrum when upset, easily misled by bad people, makes silly mistakes, laughs far too much and looks cute enough to sell this series.
Even the episodes follow a checklist.
Short back story explaining connection to fairies, introduction and meet-up first episode, main character looking strange for a bit, attractive male turns up that steals lead character's heart, falls out with fairy but kisses and makes up afterwards, pointless silly antics, a convenient local event that becomes the focus of the episode, dramatic plot twist which takes away lead character's treasure but is then resolved and finally the series ends with lots of happy crying.
The reason I'm reviewing it like this is because I found this series far too predictable, so much so that I only managed 15 episodes and I pretty much guessed the rest of the series and on a quick run through I was right, the only original part of this series was the hauntingly beautiful ending theme; and with episode titles like "Twinkle-Twinkle, Comfy-Warm, Puffy-Fluffy" it was only a matter of time before I started wearing a pink dress and decorating myself with pretty bows. Although if you're male I challenge you to watch the entire series and still keep your manliness afterwards.
Final Verdict: It's a nice series with a great soundtrack and great story but far too predictable and you'll probably work out everything by halfway.