Top 10 Worst 4Kids Anime

To end my run of bad translations I'll end with a top 10 worst 4Kids Anime. Same rules as previous ones, I cannot put down what I haven't seen and for this feature I shall not be putting Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! on this list because they were actually good and I've not seen Zexal. So let us begin the top 10 worst 4Kids Anime.

Trust me it'll be worst than invisible guns

10. Pretty Cure
Rated quite low due to the fact that it mostly works well with 4Kids but at the same time it's European Translations are way more superior.

9. Shaman King
4Kids tried to release an uncut version of Shaman King on dvd but failed miserably but one thing that stands out for me was a scene that was supposed to be censored but 4Kids forgot. Anna defeated both the red & blue ogres which causes Hao to bleed from his forehead, 4Kids forgot to censor it.

8. Ultimate Muscle
The series itself was already silly to begin with but at least watchable, it remains as a lost gem of tv anime but I can also see why people hate it.

7. F-Zero
This surprisingly worked well but nothing in the dub could ever rival the epic Falcon Punch Scene. The dub will never make that scene epic.

6. Kirby
Kirby doesn't talk. Good!
Everyone else does. Bad!
Yes the voice acting was enough to ruin some perfectly good ears.

5. Dinosaur King
I can forgive 4Kids for wanting to license a Dinosaur anime because nothing says kids like Dinosaurs but it felt like watching a poor mans Pokemon. For every nice design there was horrible dialogue and ear grating misery.

4. Fighting Foodons
I'll sum up this show with this.

I've suddenly got a stomachache.

3. One Piece
Everyone knows how bad this dub was. The Rap Music, the stupid edits, the horrible script. The only reason this isn't number one is that, at least this anime was saved by Funimation.

2. Tokyo Mew Mew
This was unforgivable. The fact that they weren't even allowed to keep the Tokyo part of this show was worst than renaming all the characters. This is why Magical Girl shows are dying in the west. This is why were stuck with Winx Club.

1. Sonic X
But nothing did more damage to a franchise than this. I've always wanted a proper Sonic anime but what we got was this putrid pile of mess. Sega abandoned the console race, Sonic's established voice actor was gone, it took years before Sonic would ever have even a half decent game ever again. The American cartoons are Oscar worthy compared to this, even Zelda Wand of Gamelon is better than this. I would carry on but this is a PG-13 post and the language I want to use is very unpleasant.

So that's your lot, be glad 4Kids are bankrupt so they can't ruin anymore shows.