Urban Legends: Doozy Bots

As I said in my Saban Moon feature, there was another series that had the same awful treatment. This is the story of the Americanized Gundam Series Doozy Bots.
It's probably better to see for yourself how bad this is.

The story goes that Sunrise wanted to bring the Gundam franchise to the States but were blocked with the simple problem that at the time, 1991 to be exact, Gundam wasn't exactly the most child friendly series in the world, even the over the top G Gundam would have to wait until the Dragonballz era before getting TV coverage. Sunrise then remembered that over the past three years they had developed SD Gundam, a series of five OVAs played over three years as a child friendly alternative to the kill frenzy that was the original series, so it was decided that it would use that to create an American equivalent but the results sadly ended up as a McDonalds style super fun kids cartoon with a serious amount of cliche characters. We have a Wacky Scientist, Wacky Scientist daughter that may become the love interest of the main character, a Jock, a token female, a fat guy, a skater/surfer boy, a black guy that is also disabled and two kids who always get involved with one of them unfortunately called Tagalong, wow that's cruel, his role in this is actually his name. As for the villains they are escapees of the Scientist who want to ruin fun.

I don't know what's worst. The fact that they even attempted this or the fact that Sunrise actually made it themselves; At least with Saban Moon, Toei at least had the decency to go with a dub, this is just fail. And it's based on SD Gundam! A series which according to Anime News Network is the second worst anime series ever, only an OVA named Hametsu no Mars is worst.
I'm glad this never made a series but sad that it was actually made and it's because of this that we had to wait so long for a decent Gundam series and thankfully Gundam Wing delivered.
90s may have delivered the best of cartoons but they also delivered the worst, let this be a lesson to those making cartoons now.