Urban Legends: Saban Moon

After showcasing the what if on the Dragonball Harmony Gold dub, I now present something a million times more terrifying. An Americanized Sailor Moon.

This poorly made image above is real, and here is the story.
When Toei Animation brought Sailor Moon to the States for licensing, it received two offers. One from DiC which is the version everyone remembers, and Saban the guys behind the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
DiC pitched a dubbed version of the show while Saban using it's Toon Maker division, pitched a two minute music video showcasing a live action segment of the five main characters followed by an animated sequence featuring the Sailor Scouts. The idea was to have a crossover of Live Action & Cartoon but that's not the worst of it, here's the plot.
After Transforming into Sailor Scouts in a way not much different to She-Ra, they would fight Queen Beryl on her Spaceship using Solar Windsurfers to breathe in space. Luna is now a white cat, Jupiter is black, Mercury is wheelchair bound, Mars is Asian and Venus was rumored to be Latino continuing the 90s cartoon tradition of catering for every person. And just to rub salt into that wound, they would also have vehicles.
The footage for the music video came from a first episode pilot and neither saw light of day, the footage still hangs around online and at conventions as an example of "It could've been so much worst"
The only thing that came out of the Saban pitch was a piece of merchandise called the Mooncycle. It's a very rare piece of Sailor Moon history as it came from the Americanized version rather than the actual series. If you have the Mooncycle it's worth a lot of money.
So there you have it, there is always something far worst than a bad dub, and next time I'll show you another grossly offensive piece of licensing. Til next time.
I now have footage, but sadly this was the best version I can find from a convention a few years ago.