Jewel BEM Hunter Lime Review

Time for another half-hearted attempt at a 90s anime as we dive into the obscure Jewel BEM Hunter Lime.

This definitely has a 90s feel when you know that Atsuko Nakajima is the one in charge of animation design. If you don't know who that is, she's the one behind the animation design for Ranma 1/2, but if you still don't know she does Key Animation for Bleach.
We start off the show as two demons chase another demon who has stolen some multicolor jewels, something goes wrong and the jewels get lost in the human world and turn into Big Eyed Monsters which is what the abbreviation means in the title. Before we go further I must make a point that this OVA was cancelled after 3 episodes so it's unfinished anyway so as not to point out the ending because there isn't one.
The two demons, Bass & Lime search for these monsters which take on the form of the vengeful spirits of forgotten items.
That idea is interesting, it makes a change to see demonic possession take on items instead of humans, it makes for some interesting stories but when you actually see the items that are taken on and what these monsters look like, your in for some disappointment, these monsters are laughable and the second monster doesn't even fight. In fact it's better to describe each one.
1. A candle angry at the world for turning to light bulbs.
2. A purse full of money who is meant to be angry at the world for turning to credit cards but forgets what to do
3. A syringe angry at the world because people keep getting scared of needles.
There was a planned monster shaped like a Daikon but it never made an episode.
To be honest that's it. I don't have much to work with on this one in terms of plot, so I'll move on to characters.
Now Lime's basic functions are all to do with fan service and it's made even more obvious by the fact that she has her own disguise power which she exploits to full effect, the American DVD release even has a fun dress-up game as an extra. Bass on the other hand is strangely well spoken for a demon and strangely reserved for someone who has to spend all day with a sexy partner, even during an ecchi scene when he's describing fondling to the Purse Monster he still maintains a sense of dignity, that's rare for a character when it's easier to just draw a pervert. The other characters are mostly forgettable, being rehashes of 80s archetypes including the over the top manly girl character.
There's a lot of nice ideas in this OVA but building a fan service series from a plot that almost passes for a pre-school show isn't really going to pass, especially during an era where the best were or already had been created.
Final Verdict: It's not a strong attempt at a series, it's ideas would work under different guidance, otherwise it's just forgettable; the name is hard enough to remember.