Top 10 Worst Video Game Anime

Yesterday I had the displeasure of watching the worlds worst cartoon Street Fighter II; It was a free episode that came with the Final Fight Double Impact on the X-Box 360, it was the most horrible thing I've ever put myself through, I can't even call this series "so bad it's good". I actually feel insulted by Capcom but then again Capcom insult everyone these days so I guess what they're doing now is no different to what they did 20 years ago.

This gave me an idea for a list of the top 10 worst game based anime

10. .Hack//Sign
Utterly boring, I gave up on this series after episode 3, a very tedious trudge through the tedium that is MMORPG. I rate this lower as the other series make up for it.

9. Disgaea
I felt this series didn't do the game justice, the voices were awful, the premise was strange and I felt very blank by the end of it.

8. Kirby
Nintendo went on an anime bender in the early millennium and produced this alongside F-Zero. While I'm pleased that Kirby doesn't talk, I'm not so impressed by the rest of it. It's like throwing up Lucky Charms, lots of colors but it's a very unpleasant experience.

7. Pokemon Best Wishes Series
My expectations of Pokemon's Black & White arc were over optimistic. The idea of Ash Ketchum being older and better was too much to ask, while he learned to be a better trainer and Team Rocket restored some dignity, I can't say the same for Ash's traveling companions. I can't warm up to Iris, and Cilan is the worst character to ever exist in the anime. I honestly thought the anime turned a corner with Diamond & Pearl but the misguided fools at Nintendo have ruined it to the point that I refuse to watch it.

6. Sonic X
In retrospect the Sonic OVA should be here as well but at least that show only wastes 50 minutes of your time. Sonic X causes more damage and was the lethal injection that the poor franchise didn't deserve.

5. Virtua Fighter
This was not pleasant to watch either, I know fighting games don't have much story anyway but this one almost matched the Street Fighter American Cartoon in terms of poor quality.

4. Tekken: The Motion Picture
Speaking of which we have the higher quality fail that is Tekken. My experiences with Tekken is limited as I find the story too confusing, this taped together mess doesn't help.

3. Comic Party
These posts are meant to be PG-13 so I'll sum it up in one word before I go off on one. "Obnoxious!"

2. Street Fighter Alpha Generations
A new low for the series, out of all the characters in this franchise, all you can use is a karate man, an evil karate man, American karate man and a Japanese School Girl. This was so lazy that my body won't respond to caffeine when I watch it.

1. Animal Crossing
The very knowledge that an anime series exists for Nintendo's biggest troll was more than I can take. The game already haunts my dreams, leave anime out of this.

And that's your lot, don't be afraid to comment I don't bite. I may even do a best list.