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Top 10 Worst Types of Males in a Harem

Now for a special set of lists because A) I've not done one for a while and B) It's a special super duper quadruple list featuring the best and worst types to have in a harem for both male and female characters.
We start with the worst types of males in a harem.

Honorable Mentions
The I Make a Better Girl than the Girl I'm Actually Dating Type
Ranma Saotome from Ranma 1/2
The You Look Like my Dead Sister so you'll be her Replacement Type
Tokiya Mikagami from Flame of Recca
The I have an Entire Class in my Harem yet I'm Young Enough to Get Away with it Type
Negi Springfield from Negima

10. The Doesn’t Know the Meaning of Personal Space Type
Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki from Fairy Tail
Ever met those types who like to flirt with you but come across as really creepy? That's exactly what Ichiya is like and I can see why Erza is scared of him. Yes I did say Erza, the same Erza who can take down a hundred monsters by herself.

9. The I Always Travel with Different Female Companions and Ignore all of their Hints Type
Ash Ketchum from Pokemon
Makes me wonder if Ash Ketchum's cross dressing phase had other implications but in all seriousness he's on his fifth female traveling companion and the current one really does have a crush on him, does someone have to slap some sense into the guy but then again he's not just this but also number 8.

8. The Shonen Protagonist who is Oblivious to Love Type
Monkey D Luffy from One Piece
The sexiest woman in One Piece can't get the potential Pirate King to look her way. This is the same woman who under normal circumstances looks down on men so much that she looks up, yet when she does fall madly in love with Luffy, nothing happens.

7. The You’re Going to Die if you try to Date me Type
Any Gundam Pilot from the Gundam Franchise
If death follows you everywhere don't fall for the one who's creating the Death in the first place, this goes double if your love interests are from Gundam Seed.

6. The Over the Top Manly Man who likes Lolita Type
Adam Blade from Needless
Adam Blade is a big guy in terms of muscles, ego and personality, basically Kamina on steroids, so liking little girls doesn't bode well for the female cast of Needless.

5. The Doesn’t Realise he’s in a Harem Type
Ichika Orimura from Infinite Stratos
These are the ones that attract countless women of all types, the same ones who created the Harem Genre in the first place yet some are too stupid to know this. The only one who's excused from this is Hibiki from Vandread as he grew up in a world where the genders are separated but Ichika is just an idiot. Tenchi Misaki comes to mind as well.

4. The Stupidly Popular Angsty One who is really a Dick Type
Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto
He broods, he's stoic, he wants revenge, all the girls love him because they want to save him, he's basically Edward Cullen with a Ninja Headband, he's actually a dick, it's Sasuke Uchiha! Everyone who's ever tried to get close to this guy has been stabbed and yet Haruno Sakura still married the dick

3. The I’ll Use Your Feelings to further my Goals and Kill you when I don’t need you Type
Light Yagami from Death Note
While this is normally reserved for a metric ton of evil villains, Light Yagami is supposed to be the hero yet he cares so little for Misa that he'll happily kill her when he's done. Do you really want a guy who eats potato chips and writes in notebooks with as much subtlety as firing a handgun in public.

2. The I Like Fake Girls Better than Real Girls yet I have better Dating Skills than the best Dating Experts on the Planet Type
Keima Katsuragi from World God Only Knows
Oddly specific this one but understandable when you consider that Keima is a master troll at doing this sort of thing. Well done Japan, you've made the harem hero a troll worth punching.

1. The Any Male from Utena Type
Every Male from Revolutionary Girl Utena
Just try and watch this anime and try and understand how the men in that world function.
The words "Narcissistic and Proud" come to mind along with a few things that I'd rather not talk about, as I feel ashamed that males were designed this way.

Anime Review Quick Guide

To keep up with everything I've ever reviewed since the beginning I've produced a quick guide saying which Anime and Cartoons I've reviewed, a one line synopsis and a one line verdict for each one. It'll be updated in the near future. Debut...

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Cartoon Vault: Reboot

We've come to the end of Digital Week and sadly I've not finished Log Horizon in time to review it, but no matter. This innovative cartoon more than makes up for it as we look at Reboot.

Now the opening Narration is better at explaining this show than me so here's the low down for you.
"I come from the Net. Through systems, people, and cities, to this place - Mainframe. My format, Guardian: To mend and defend. To defend my new found friends, their hopes and dreams, and to defend them from their enemies. They say The User lives outside the Net and inputs games for pleasure. No one knows for sure, but I intend to find out. ReBoot!"
Long story short we follow the life of Bob, a Guardian for the world of Mainframe, who along with, mentor Phong and friends Dot Matrix and her irritating brother, fight to protect Mainframe from the evils of Megabyte, a relatively simple plot but what really gives this series the edge is that this is the first ever full CGI cartoon ever made.
While it does look horribly dated now it was also CGI's infancy and no one expected to see it go anywhere, but then when Toy Story came along a year later it was a big enough phenomenon that it's the go to format for animated movies now. However on a TV level Reboot was more than just an early CGI mess of green people, as it was well backed up by a good story and exceptional voice work, something more important than getting the CGI to look nice.
If it wasn't for the fact that this was the first CGI cartoon, it would've been ridiculed for it's animation but as it stands now, it's a piece of archived history and while there has been talk of a revival, I don't think it needs one as they got it right first time.

Corrector Yui Review

Were coming to the end of Digital Week and were down to our final two reviews starting with Corrector Yui.

In a world where the internet is run by a huge network called COMNET, there will inevitably be people wanting to disrupt said network so this is when the Correctors come in, champions of defending the COMNET; one such Corrector is Yui, a computer illiterate young girl who gets dragged into fighting the viruses of the enemy organization Grosser by accident and becomes an online magical girl in the process.
Well this is certainly a unique idea, so much so that no one knows about this, seriously even the dub was made by complete unknowns, yet you go to any European Country (Not the UK) and most anime fans there will tell you who Corrector Yui is. It's a real shame because Corrector Yui as a Magical Girl series is quite underrated.
Apart from the fact that every transformation sequence can be taken dangerously out of context, Corrector Yui works by taking the Card Captor Sakura approach to the online world genre and running well with it, the art style is attractive, Yui is very approachable and the side characters do well to support the story but it does run longer than it needs to and the amount of times it plays safe doesn't really give it enough weight to challenge it's more popular rivals. So if you can find it, give it a try, but it's a safe bet that you'll likely forget this anime exists.
Final Verdict: A horribly underrated series but sadly the chances of this show getting another shot at the States is the same as admitting 4Kids is a good company.

Megaman.EXE Review

Moving on to the next anime on Digital Week, Megaman.EXE.

In a world run entirely by the internet and no I'm not reviewing Summer Wars again this is the plot to Megaman.EXE.
Anyway Lan Hikari is a boy who inherits a Net Navigator, a sort of personal assistant in Digital Form called Megaman who he uses to fight against the forces of Dr Wily and World 3, all the while fighting against the franchise's hundreds of robot masters.
This is typical Megaman but not as you know it, this anime takes a page out of the book of Digimon and turns Megaman into your best buddy in an attempt to bring the franchise to a more child friendly audience; when you consider the backstory of it's older brothers to be a little dark in context and the fact that the obsession of the Retro Revival movement gives the Megaman franchise a lot of weight with older gamers, this comes across as desperate.
Those behind this version of Megaman looked at the wrong audience which doesn't do any better stateside with all the edits; the game has too much baggage attached to Generation X so appealing to a new audience at time of release and with such a long series isn't going to cut it. That's not to say the series is bad, it had a lot to offer but many people were expecting something else and you have to wait ages before Bass shows up and the anime starts baring some fangs but the lead up to that is long and tedious at best.
I'm sorry this review came across as a bit of a rant but I found this series that much of a disappointment as I was one of those people expecting something better to come from a franchise I grew up with, much in the same way I view Sonic X.
Final Verdict: This series is long and not really a suitable companion to any major fan of Megaman and not a particularly good way to introduce the franchise to new fans either. The series would've had more credit if it wasn't attached to a license like Megaman because the stuff it does right is actually really good and does it's utmost to improve dramatically over the seasons but is still a chore getting to that stage.