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Cartoon Vault: Steven Universe

You can tell I've fallen behind, this is my second review tonight as we move onto Steven Universe.

Steven Universe is from a group of writers from Adventure Time, about a boy named Steven who inherits a power gem from his late mother; her mother's friends the Crystal Gems, adopt Steven into their lives and attempt to teach him to be a Crystal Gem himself but there are many troubles along the way.
Now Steven Universe is a bit of a bogey cartoon, on the one hand the clever story telling and its ability to take it's audience seriously along with Steven's believable personality can easily make this one of the best cartoons of all time but on the other hand, Steven has no indoor voice, (Which never sits well with me) your not given much to work with in terms of backstory or learning anything about the main cast and compared to Adventure Time which can hold it's own better, it doesn't really capture the same creativity.
It's not bad but doesn't really encourage itself to be really good, not helped by Cartoon Network's poor scheduling which seems to relegate it to a weekend showing (in the UK at least)
Compared to other new shows that premiered around the same time it's certainly the strongest of the lot and really shows that Cartoon Network hasn't completely lost it's creativity but don't expect another Adventure Time for a while.

Ben-to Review

Back to reviewing after a lengthy break, this time it's food fight anime Ben-to.

You Sato just started high school and on a normal day at the local convenience store, he gets beat up trying to grab Bento boxes, this is a wolves battle for half price Bento boxes and Sen Yarizui the Ice Witch as she's known is the master of these battles and drafts Sato into the half price food lovers club alongside Hana Oshiroi, a creepy novel writer, as to why? Well students are poor and fighting for cheap yet good quality food is the best way, especially if you're a half decent enough fighter to be able to accomplish it and the other customers don't seem to mind that much.
Now this is Japanese anime at it's finest, take a silly idea and run with it and that's exactly what Ben-to sets out to do but in doing so it seems to abandon it's own rules very quickly as the story is too scatterbrained to work properly, not backed up well by it's unsubtle attempts at fanservice or it's attempt at establishing good side characters.
For instance, the main core cast are fantastic, especially Shaga but the rest of the cast are split up into their own different problems including those who don't get enough screentime, those who get too much screentime and those who really don't belong in the story such as the psycho lesbian Shiraume or the what the hell villain at the end Heracles. These characters really spoil the show especially Shiraume whose random smack downs are uncalled for.
I think it's a shame that the balance of characters is so scattered that it makes following the story really tough, the anime's saving grace is Shaga and of course the high octane battle scenes which are some of the finest you'll see, anyone who can make shopping baskets and chopsticks into deadly weapons knows what their doing, and the Sega cameos are welcome to see. Dub is pretty good with many characters being spot on.
Final Verdict: I wouldn't watch this anime if your looking for story but I'd certainly watch it for action and Ben-to has plenty of it.

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To keep up with everything I've ever reviewed since the beginning I've produced a quick guide saying which Anime and Cartoons I've reviewed, a one line synopsis and a one line verdict for each one. It'll be updated in the near future. Debut...

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Top 10 Most Convincing Cross Dressers

It's not uncommon to find anime characters of ambiguous gender but every now and again you need to check your eyes to see if what your looking at is really what it is. Rules this time will only cover cross dressers not anyone who has been turned into a girl so Ranma Saotome is instantly disqualified.
Update: Includes honorable mentions

Boy? Girl? or is Hideyoshi a Gender itself?

Honorable Mentions
Kuranosuke from Kuragehime
Gives away too many clues about his gender early on and it's obvious in the face.
Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi
Not helped by the fact that pretty much every male is a pretty boy.
Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4
A rare female entry, but still pretty easy to figure out.
Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran Host Club
Again another rare female entry but extremely easy to figure out.

10. Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler
Dressed in an extravagant ball gown to catch an evil count, Ciel manages to fool even his own fiancee. The dress is so famous that it's become a cosplayers finest challenge.

9. Kazuki from Getbackers
Not as convincing as the higher ups on this list but played well for comedy when he ends up in women's clothes; even more so he hates being mistaken for a homosexual.

8. Rosiel from Angel Sanctuary
I never got on with Angel Sanctuary as a series, but Rosiel certainly passes for this list to the point where a simple voice change would make him female.

7. Haku from Naruto
Mistaken straight away by Naruto and fans alike with some wishing he was female, even now it's difficult.

6. Loran Cehack from Turn A Gundam
Mistaken early on as a girl and dubbed "Laura" for a while. Made even more convincing during a convenient fancy party plot where Loran pulls off his disguise more convincingly.

5. Tieria Erde from Gundam 00
Speaking of convenient fancy party plots, in a possible homage to Loran, Tieria dons a fancy dress to meet up with the enemy; also goes the extra mile with fake breasts as well.

4. Hibiki Amawa from I My Me Strawberry Eggs
The whole plotline is him cross-dressing but manages the entire series without being discovered, he really cares about teaching that much.

3. Hideyoshi from Baka & Test
As you can see from the image, you decide: Male? Female? or is Hideyoshi simply a gender itself?

2. Ruby Moon from Card Captor Sakura
Not helped by the dub who made Ruby an actual girl, despite that it can still fool most people. CLAMP sure have a strange way of portraying men.

1. Aoi Futaba from You're Under Arrest
Originally cross-dressed to catch a criminal, Aoi took on the whole female persona to the point where he is essentially one of the girls. So much so that you probably need the writer to point it out to you.