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Cartoon Vault: Earthworm Jim

Now the last list featured cartoons adapted from movies but the video game version is a little bit lacking, with it's many adaptions of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario to take into account, in short it wouldn't be a very good list as there have never been ten good video game adaption cartoons and because this show would always be number one it's Earthworm Jim.

Earthworm Jim was originally a 90s Video Game created by the talented Doug TenNapel about an Earthworm who acquires a power suit that allows him to function with human dexterity and high levels of strength, together with sidekick Peter Puppy who can go monster form when hurt or startled and Princess What's-Her-Name the rebellious sister of enemy Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed Slug-for-a-Butt, promptly kick ass everyday to stop evil, in the name of the Great Worm Spirit.
Along with the Queen, there are plenty of enemies to fill the series with Psy-Crow the Bounty Hunter, Professor Monkey-for-a-Head, Evil the Cat and Bob the Killer Goldfish among others, it's one of those shows that doesn't take itself too seriously, it's like Animaniacs and Freakazoid with it's humor, which suits the voice work of Dan Castellaneta, that's right, Homer Simpson is Earthworm Jim and that became the perfect ingredient to make a brilliant yet horribly underrated show that needs more love in an era obsessed with kickstarters.
So if asked what is the best video game cartoon then show them Earthworm Jim and guaranteed they will agree with you.

Top 10 Cartoon Adaptions of Films

I've been meaning to do this list for a while as we look at the Top 10 Best Cartoons adapted from films.

10. Godzilla
The most famous monster to ever grace Tokyo has had a few adaptions over the years including some silly ones in the 1970s up to the cartoon based on the 90s American movie of Godzilla which many admit was actually better than the film itself.

9. Men in Black
Remaining faithful to the source material doesn't work for everyone but works wonders with Men in Black that relies on a certain style to maintain it's ice cool exterior.

8. Ace Ventura
The first of three Jim Carrey films on this list, Ace Ventura was probably the weakest of the lot. The idea works in context but without Jim Carrey in the shoes or being real, it loses some charm, it's still pretty good though.

7. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Another idea that works animated and they managed to get hold of the original cast for season 1, pity season 2 didn't follow the same rules. Out of all the ones listed on this top ten, this is the one I want to see return to the small screen.

6. Star Wars Clone Wars the Genndy Tartakovsky Version
A Star Wars adaption told through the artistic direction of Samurai Jack's creator Genndy Tartakovsky works wonders for a franchise who at this point was trying to win back an unsettled audience from the Attack of the Clones film. To remind you of Genndy's style, he lets the action do the talking and keeps dialogue to a bare minimum, there you go improved franchise so why get rid of him CARTOON NETWORK!!!!!????????

5. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
You wouldn't think this was possible but it actually works animated, an angry scientist makes Killer Tomatoes and you've got yourself Splatoon before it was cool.

4. Beetlejuice
While it kind of switches Beetlejuice's position from Antagonist to friend of human girl Lydia, it stays faithful to it's style and surreal horror humor that so makes the film such an 80s classic. While very much toned down to obviously suit the audience, there were enough talented writers to avoid making this bad.

3. Dumb & Dumber
The fact is Jim Carrey was on to something when he created all these characters, they pretty much act cartoonish so it makes sense to animate them, Dumb & Dumber didn't last long compared to the other two but makes the duo much more likeable than their live action film versions.

2. The Mask
Now the Mask is even more cartoonish and with his slapstick being a cross between the Genie and Animaniacs you have comedy gold and one of the most underrated cartoons of the 90s. Jim Carrey make more of these guys please.

1. The Real Ghostbusters
But for the memories, staying true to your characters, having good voice acting and being insanely awesome, the Ghostbusters win this list outright as it's pretty much the only one on this list to be picture perfect with it's adaption.

Note: So I bet you're wondering what the best Video Game adaption into cartoons is? There's only one Video Game cartoon that rules them all and has never had a bad word said against it, and you'll have to wait til tomorrow to find out.

Project A-Ko Review

Now we review an anime the same age as me give or take a few months, in fact the timing of this review is perfect seeing as today is this Anime's 29th Anniversary, this is Project A-Ko

A-Ko is a normal high school student with freakish strength who starts life at a new school with her annoying friend C-Ko, although normal doesn't seem to exist when B-Ko wants to take C-Ko away from A-Ko so the two end up fighting each other in fight scenes that get sillier and bigger as the film goes on, meanwhile an alien race are chasing after C-Ko as well because C-Ko is a princess from their world so A-Ko and B-Ko go and save her.
This anime is the earliest example of a parody series, many years before Excel Saga made it popular, if you're feeling like digging up on old anime then I'll help you by naming some of the references in this movie.
The initial setting of the show being a site of a former colony drop style massacre, a common tactic used in Gundam.
The Antagonist leading the alien race looks like Captain Harlock.
The Sci-Fi space battles resemble scenes as well as the aircraft from Macross.
Miss Ayumi the teacher looks exactly like Magical Girl Creamy Mami.
Mari the Muscular School Girl is a direct parody of Fist of the North Star.
And finally there are hints from the movie's ending that A-Ko is the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman, and remember this is before the internet and before the term shipping was invented.
The show is quite well made despite having origins in hentai, the music soundtrack is pretty damn good for the time period and while I agree that a number of characters are annoying and the plot makes very little sense, it still has a charm to it and could probably still be significant in this day and age should it ever receive a remake.
But I must address the elephant in the room and that's of course it's age and what it's actually parodying. Unless you're from my Generation or older the references would be lost on you. I'm not saying a younger person wouldn't understand it, I'm saying that the stuff it parodies doesn't really exist anymore; you could argue that many of the anime of today still owe some thanks to a lot of the shows parodied in this movie, heck Project A-Ko could be thanked for inspiring Excel Saga, but you know when something has passed it's time when you have to explain to someone what the references are and you don't get the same enjoyment from it because of that.
Dub is fairly basic but not too bad and a remastered movie is not difficult to find.
Final Verdict: A fun little film from a bygone age that's unfortunately lost on today's anime fans.

Cartoon Vault: Skatoony

Next we review Cartoon Network's only Gameshow, Skatoony

First a little history, the characters Chudd Chudders and The Earl were created as animated presenters alongside Johnny Bravo on UK Cartoon Network, they also set competitions in between shows. In mid 2000s they made a proper quiz show but with two different versions. The North American version had characters from Total Drama Island and Jimmy Two Shoes filling in the positions of the animated contestants while the UK Version used original character designs more in tune with the UK audience, since I am from the UK, this is the version I'm more familiar with, plus I get the bonus of The Earl being a caricature of legendary singer Tom Jones, of whom I can do a mean impression of.
The format of the show stays the same through out, none of the toons ever beat the human contestants so the differences everywhere else are relatively minor between episodes not to mention not a lot of differences between quiz rounds, being honest compared to Nickelodeon's quiz shows Skatoony is better with it's questions and general presentation and Chudd Chudders and The Earl make really good hosts and even now in the UK, the show still reruns, more so than the classic Cartoon Network shows and even the likes of Ben 10 and I kind of wish they returned as hosts rather than the Welsh guy voiceover we currently have.

Beyblade Review

Remember when Beyblade used to be awesome? Well lets review it and see how well it's aged.

Beyblade is about Tyson, a Beyblader who gets drawn into a world competition of battling spinning tops after a run in with a few notable players including Kai, Max and Ray. These spinning tops contain bit beasts that get summoned during a match to fight, it's kind of like Pokemon with one monster.
After the first initial tournament, Tyson and his new found friends form a team to take on the world as each area in the world looks to test each individual character.
Toy anime is a bit sad looking nowadays, kids have grown wise to the idea that the shows from Japan that market toys such as Beyblade and Bakugan are only going to market toys and it's biggest weakness is that the same types of characters turn up, what made Beyblade stand out from these, at least in the 1st Generation of Beybladers is while there is the same protagonist, the supporting cast don't match the normal standards of anime of this genre.
Max reminds me of Tails without the tech knowledge.
Ray looks like he belongs in Xiaolin Showdown.
While Kai looks like a reject from Final Fantasy.
Put these in a team along with Kenny and you get one of Anime's best teams, and just when you think it focuses too much on the lead Tyson it surprises you with quite a decent plot for each character, yeah it does get cheesy every now and again but it's common for this type of anime, and if it weren't for the third season being insanely awesome this would be the best of the toy anime, even more so than Yu-Gi-Oh.
Dubbing is decent, special mention goes to the commentators Brad Best & A J Topper along with DJ Jazzman for making the experience that much better.
Final Verdict: In this day and age, a toy anime like this has no business being a series to begin with, that said it's still amazing what the Japanese can do with the most mundane things and Beyblade is proof of that ability, so the next time you see a popular toy turned into an anime, it might be worth a look.