Hay there~!

Thank you for dropping by my world <3 this world is founded to support my love for writing (although I am not that active lol). As time passed, I also write VERY random rants and things about my personal life ;)

Here are some things that can give you a little idea about me : >D

  • Real Name : Levina
  • Username : Clyne Lacus @ theO | M2Vz @ MT | stardust-oracle @ DA
  • Nick Name : Clyney <3 or clyne, lacus, whatever you prefer to call me :3
  • Country : Indonesia
  • Hobbies : vectoring, drawing, writing, reading, playing with my dog, eating, playing video games, crafting, stalking the facebook account of theO's members >D, and my new hobby: fashion blogging! haha

Enjoy your visit <3
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Happy New Year~! ^___^

i know it is really really late xD I just want to post something about new year, so that goes the title lol

anyone has new year's resolution here?? :D
I have some that I will write, to add the odds those things will really happen xD

2010's resolution :
1. Learning HTML & CSS :3
2. Crafting stuffs with clay <3
3. Being a good vectorer with my own style >.>
4. Improving in drawing (anatomy, lighting, shadow, INVENTING UNIQUE EYES~ :P)
5. Losing * kilos of my weight lol i'm not THAT fat, but I just think I'll look nicer xD
6. Less procrastination~ :D
7. Buying PS3/Wii (or someone buys them for me~! :D)
8. Spending moar time with my dog~ ♥ he's almost 9 years old now. He's been with me since he was 2.5 months ^^
9. Meeting my friends from theO and MT for real! xD so far I've only met 1 from MT ._.
10.Learning something new! lol

I want to know what are your resolutions! :D haha.

Missed the Online World~ <3

I noticed I haven't written anything for quite a long time, so I feel the need to spam at least my own world xDDD

Hello everyone ^___^
sorry for being so inactive due to college!
It may seem that I neglect you, and I'm so sorry :(
of course i didn't mean to... I dislike college for taking my online time >.<
finally it's going to be christmas holiday! WoOt :3
I'm going to singapore for the holiday...anyone lives there? xD

not much is going on in my life xD
except I'm now soooo in love with my chibis <3 you may realize this since recently it's like I always submit chibis xD
Be sure to check my latest ones that I'm so proud about! :3

~Stairway to Heaven~
External Image

Garden Party
External Image

Sankyuu for reading! :D
have a great day everyone~~~

Thank You~ â¥

Hi :3

I posted this just to thank you to everyone~ ^^
I really do appreciate every comments/messages/gifts/wallpapers/cards that I received :D
They all made my day =3

Nothing can replace all of you and I love you all <3
I'll make something as a token of gratitude ^^

Best wishes,

Long Time no Post XD

I just feel like writing something XD

Anyway, I just realized my subscribers hit 206 currently O.o that's a large number! ^_^ (I'd appreciate very much if they also write in my GB, since it's hard to find out who just subscribed me)
It would be exciting to know one by one my subscribers personally <3

That reminds me.
I've been wanting do to a dedication to all my subscribers... Supposedly I'll make a vector wallpaper <3 *thinking hard* Okay it's decided~ I have a target of 300 subscribers XD Then after I hit that number I'll make you all something :D I know it'll definitely take some time, but I like that even number ^_^

Since it's a dedication for everyone, I'll post some scans (you can refer me to a scan you like too) and hold a poll to determine which scan you all like most ♥ then I'll vector it.
Meanwhile, I try improving my skill in order to make a great wallie <3

How's that sound? ^^

Next dedication in order : sasusaku 4ever, queen of werewolf, and sherr~
Wish I could make more O.o

Oh, for all of you who would like to learn vector :
EGAO! Distant Destiny
MissNysha in DA

Back~!! XD

Yes, I'm back =P

Soo... did anything happen while I'm gone?
I received 2 birthday notifications (Rein Akira and RikuisHot), so I'm really sorry that I'm late to say happy birthday >.<

Anyway, I had lots of fun in Hongkong. The buildings etc are more or less like Indonesia, but Hongkong is safer XD also there are plenty of public transports. Plus, lots of cute guys and girls everywhere <3
And tons of sales and discounts too~!! I was shopping like crazy lol the discounted stuffs are really cheap, but other than that stuffs are incredibly expensive there (well for me XD).

Thank you everyone for commenting in my last post~!! *hugs*

Best wishes,