Save Hyrule! Character

Name: Kai, ( Pronounced: K- eye)

Nickname: NA for the moment

Gender: Male

Race: Sheikah

Age: 17

DOB: May 18,

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Height: 5'7

Weight: 145

Hair color(s): White short hair with a wrap down the front

Eye color(s): Red
Appearance: Has a panther like appearance, is very flexible and very well built. His skin color is tan. He has traditional ear piercings in ear. His clothing is black and red. He has a cloak that is weather beaten that covers his whole body hiding the undergarments. He has wrappings on his feet serving as shoes since he goes barefoot. He has the mask of truth and he plays the sweet potato, and any instrument that he can get his hands on. Wears a Katana on his back and underneath his cloak has Skewers.
Personality: Is quiet and reserved. Is very loyal and brave. He is also very kind hearted. Will Fight for others and for the right cause.

History: Has lost his memories from an unknown source. He was left, after his memory was lost, in the gerudo desert and was taken in by a gerudo women who hid him and nursed him back to health. The only memory he was left with was his abilities and his name. He then left the Gerudo women,after learning many things about her culture, and headed out wandering hyrule slaying monsters and helping the people. The last known place he has been was just outside of lon lon ranch.

Weapon: Multiple needle like knives (Skewers) and a Katana and of course magic.

Anything Else: He is very well known and liked by the Zora’s. The Zora women love to sit and listen to Kai play his music, they will sometimes sing along with him. He is ok with not remembering anything and is content on making a new life. He is Highly skilled in all musical instruments and loves to play them, he feels like time slows when he plays and that he is the only one left on the planet.