ok so i was going through the o one day and i came upon this question and i loved it so i asked my friends what they would do:

If you are trapped inside a box, inside a box inside a box, which was surrounded by thousands of other boxes, and every time you tried to escape, more boxes would form and you would get trapped even deeper into the sea of boxes how would you get out?

Teleport out, Kamehameha, Rasengan,Bring some one there with me,
Dude, i'm a boss they would move aside
Id get out by calling the police and the military, tell them to
dump radionetim stuff on me ( the kind of stuff to make you have super powers and live) then get out and fly. Then i would wake up and realize i was dreaming

Call someone, teleport, time travel
Swim in the boxes until i see the light
Set fire to the boxes and escape before i burn
I would create a box on the outside of the boxes and work my way
to that box and climb inside and escape
Kill Someone? XD

And there you have it. This just proves that my friends are crazy.