Hello, welcome to my world. I hope you all enjoy my weirdness. To be honest I really don't know how many people see my world anymore.....I mean the O's pretty dead. I know this world keeps changing, no metaphor intended. But this has to be my third time updating this introduction, and I am updating it in a time during a crisis;covid, 2020. I have a somewhat stable life right now, I joined the military and as of right now am currently attending my A school. My journey has been fun. I know there are a lot of mistakes in my world, ie: spelling errors and cringiness that shouldn't have been a thing, as well as videos that don't work anymore. However I am leaving them there so that when I look back on it, I can see just how much I have grown. (I have grown a lot) To those of you who see this now; Know that there is greatness within you!

INFO: Updated 7AUG20
I am 21 and in the Military,

About me: I love to game, if you have a PS4 hit me up and say that you are someone from the O and I will add you, my username is GammaRayRay, if you don't say you are from the O I will not know who you are.

Games that I really love:
MGS (Metal Gear Solid)
Kingdom hearts
Little Nightmares
Legend of Zelda

I hope you enjoy this world, and stay golden ^~^

Gorillaz Back

Yes folks, they are back and kicking. There new song that they have came out with is Called Hallelujah Money and it features Benjamin Clementine. It was released the day before Trumps inauguration. There album will come out later this year! I am excited and happy! here is the song: