Hello, welcome to my world. I hope you all enjoy my weirdness. To be honest I really don't know how many people see my world anymore.....I mean the O's pretty dead. I know this world keeps changing, no metaphor intended. But this has to be my third time updating this introduction, and I am updating it in a time during a crisis;covid, 2020. I have a somewhat stable life right now, I joined the military and as of right now am currently attending my A school. My journey has been fun. I know there are a lot of mistakes in my world, ie: spelling errors and cringiness that shouldn't have been a thing, as well as videos that don't work anymore. However I am leaving them there so that when I look back on it, I can see just how much I have grown. (I have grown a lot) To those of you who see this now; Know that there is greatness within you!

INFO: Updated 7AUG20
I am 21 and in the Military,

About me: I love to game, if you have a PS4 hit me up and say that you are someone from the O and I will add you, my username is GammaRayRay, if you don't say you are from the O I will not know who you are.

Games that I really love:
MGS (Metal Gear Solid)
Kingdom hearts
Little Nightmares
Legend of Zelda

I hope you enjoy this world, and stay golden ^~^

2D Design/ "Ted Talk"

Hello everyone, how are we all doing? I hope everyone is staying safe. Before I joined the military, I took a fall semester of classes, and retook 2D design. Taking it again the second time was definitely not a mistake nor a waste of money, I learned a lot more than I did the first time through. After that class was when I enlisted and went down a different path. Its been interesting, I definitely joined the military at the right time. As soon as I got in, that was when all this covid shit really hit the fan. Boot camp was easy, I got out and schooling was the tough part, not because the subjects where hard, but because there was a test every week. That is not something I am used to. But even with those challenges I finished my first school and I am currently waiting on my second. But enough about the boring stuff, back to the reason I made this post in the first place. Taking the 2D design class over again was easy, the only project that had me slightly frustrated was the "leave the middle open" assignment. We had to make 15 thumbnails of art that left the middle open without it being the center point. Now I know what you are thinking, "that's easy" but in reality, it isn't. You try it and get back to me and let me know what you think. Heck I'll even make it interesting, if you can give me three original pieces of leaving the middle open, Ill make you a wallpaper or artwork if you succeed.

After all was said and done we where then tasked with making different patterns: asymmetrical, symmetrical and one more.(Can't remember) the last task was adding texture and color. This is an example of one of the thumbnails I was working on. This wasn't the one I turned in, but it later turned into a Christmas present for my sister, because she loves Invader Zim. I finished it (by adding the texture and color) then threw it into a shadow box and gifted it to her.

I definitely have improved on my drawing skills. I also look at art in different ways. I am still trying to figure out where I want to post the sketches I have, on my world, or in my portfolio, stay tuned for more, and stay SAFE


I dipped my hands into photography, I am still learning so its not the best that's out there, however, I will say that I have an eye for it. I'll try posting some of my photos here, mostly for feedback. I love feedback, I won't be able to get better without it. If it turns out you like my photos, Instagram is a great place to check them out. My Instagram is here: https://www.instagram.com/gammaray_ray/

I hope you are all safe best wishes,

Social Media

Hey guys, long time no see, huh? Sorry about that and I want to apologize to all of you for not being around. I believe there were things I had to do on here, like draw a pic for someone, or do an rp? I really cannot remember. If you are the people/person, who I have overlooked please just message me, thanks that is super helpful.

Now down to business on what the title meant. So, as you can see in my intro, I haven't been on, but if you want to keep in touch with little ole me, I have some options for social media that are available. So that you can rp, rpf, ask for drawings, or simply just talk and hang out with me. Here they are in no particular order:

kik: toukasenpai *excellent for rp,and rpf*
tumblr: securityray
Tumblr art account: rayart36
wattpad: ventus36
discord: GammaRay #0381 *I do have a server, ask for link*

Gorillaz Back

Yes folks, they are back and kicking. There new song that they have came out with is Called Hallelujah Money and it features Benjamin Clementine. It was released the day before Trumps inauguration. There album will come out later this year! I am excited and happy! here is the song:


so i created this for an assignment for one of my classes. We had to create our own origin myth. So we did the origin of Cell Phones. Hope you enjoy!