Welcome to the reapers game. You have been selected to play for a second chance at life. If you want to play you need to give us what is most important to you. But first let us know something about you.



Point System

What is this Reaper's game?


Noise(used by reapers for missions and to pick off players)




sarah moon-Emily(10)



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Little Rats.

I was enjoying the breeze on top of the building where we were observing the players. Emily smirked a bit "I think your enjoying there suffering there suffering a little to much Emily." she giggled and continued watching them "Don't you think it's funny?, They look like lab rats trying to find cheese!" "Geez, Your a sadist under that cute little girl form aren't you?" She turned her head from her "Entertainment" and pointed at me "Your WAY younger then me little boy!" I chuckled "I can't help thinking of you as a child, Your in a little kids body." "It's not my fault I died like this!, And you shouldn't be judging me!, your always carrying around that creepy stuffed teddy bear!" I looked down at the teddy bear in my arms "You mean Fluffy Chan?, But she's so cute." "You say cute I say creepy possessed bear." I smiled "Did you hear that fluffy Chan?" Fluffy chan squirmed in my arms and shouted "WHAT did you say?!, You undertaker old hag?!!" I covered Fluffy Chan's mouth and smiled at Emily to try and calm her "Sorry!,I'll keep her quiet." she sat back down and went back to watching the "Lab rats"

sarah moon's 2nd reaper

Name:Matsu Haruki

Date of birth:12/15/1990

Past: He grew up with a stable and loving family,he was actually loved so much he was a bit sheltered and gullible., When he fell in love with a girl he moved in with her,shortly after she cheated on him. He was sulking on a bridge sitting on the edge when he stood up to leave he accidentally fell in the river and cracked his skull on a rock and drowned.

Hair color:Dark purple

Hair style:he has it tied in to a long braid down to the small of his back.

Eye color:Gold

Clothing:He has a long black jacket with dark jeans and a dark purple tang top,and light purple sunglasses,and he also has a scar on the upper forehead on his left side (Where he hit his head.).

Personality: Very light and easy going,he comes off nice but he has a very dark and tainted side to him as well. He has a tendency to be a slacker,when he does slack off Emily is right there to kick him in the head.

Cause of death: Skull damage (Emily likes to joke that he has a screw lose.)

Partner:Emily Rose

Entry free:

What side are you on: Reaper

Psych: He has the teddy bear his girlfriend gave him (It comes to life, When it does it loves to bite peoples throats and other vital places.)

Partners, partners

~Nina~ I stare up at the dog statue wondering exactly how people could believe it's good luck. "Are...people stupid?" I blink at the sound of my voice, it's slightly raspier than usual. I realize that I haven't really talked in awhile. I rea...

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Partnering up

The street flashed under my feet as I ran from the wolf like animals that were chasing me. I ran to the statue of Hachiko.

Hopefully others would have come here. I ran franticly hardly noticing as I passed through people.

The wolves were getting closer. Their tattoo like front legs pounding loudly as they ran.

Suddenly I ran into something soled. It wasn't a building, it was to soft. I looked up at a girl with light blue hair.

She glared at me. I backed slightly away. "S-sorry," I stammered as I struggled to get up.

She seemed to spot the wolves because her expression changed.
“Kid make a pact with me.” the boy with metallic gray hair Nearly shouted. He seemed to be panicking.

"A pact?" I asked. Then I heard the wolves behind me. "Right," I said grabbing his hand.

As soon as we touched I felt the wolves breath behind us.
Sorry this took so long, I was on vacation with my family and could only play around part of the time.
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