Name: Remix, Aka Amber Renea aka Bloody.
Age: Ha, Take a look <3
Looks: Look on Photo Album Remix.
Likes: Goth, blood, Dark, Stars, clouds, photography, daggers, skulls and red.
Dislikes: almost anything that upsets me.
main account: Blood Moon Wolf.
How long have you been on your main?: 3 years.

Little more:

I have a fail Vista lap top keyboard.
Love metal and ect music.
Im taken by CJ.
I wear a fox tail to be different <3
Blah Blah Blah,
Depending on who, My first kiss could be a disaster..




Alright since I didnt post this on my main account:


Justin really likes me, He lusts for me basically, he was trying to get me unshy because he thinks Im gorgeous.., Hes trying to get me to do bad things, I told him i never kissed anyone and he wants to fix that DX, I want CJ to fix that D:, Blahhh, Justin told me straight up he wanted to do bad things, He went out with my friend, he wanted me, he wanted to be with me, hes so desperate to get me... I dont know what to do. Its confusing... yeah?

Just everyone ambushing me with feelings towards me is frying my brain to a zombie state! O: