Dear Itachi.

Dear Nii-san,

I know now for certain, nothing can ever be the way it was. That life is nothing but a dream of the past.

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Dear Sensei.

Dear Kakashi-sensei,

You look like a bandit with that mask on your face. You don't look half as sharp as I do in that suit. (In the mafia, you'd be my henchman in this picture)


Dear Fangirls.

Dear Fangirls,

Yeah, while this might seem incredibly touching, I'd really appreciate it(really really appreciate it) if you'd quit going through my trashcans and stealing my clothes. It's just creepy.


P.S. I never asked for your support.

Dear Big Brother.

Dear Itachi,

You killed our family. While being emo through my childhood made me extremely popular(though I have no idea how), I hate you. I will find you(after I get strong enough to beat you--I'm not suicidal), and I will kill you. (Okay I might be a little suicidal, but again, chicks like it).

Sincerely, The little brother you forgot to kill,