Dear "Promotion".

Dear Promotion,

Are you like a level-up, or is this yet another system like the one in Konoha?

Sincerely, just got promoted,

Dear Itachi.

Dear Itachi,

Don't forget to add "Flasher" to your list of occupations.

Sincerely, really didn't need to see that,

Dear Orochimaru.

Dear Orochimaru,

Just because I'm learning from you(making me your student in some way, unfortunately) does not mean I'm your sex slave. You can at least try to make those rumors seem completely unfounded.

Sincerely, "I'm always the seme, Fucker",

P.S Long-ass creepy tongue not helping.

Dear Summer.

It's too fucking hot. Cool it on the sunshine already.

Sincerely, pissed at having to bathe so many times a day,

P.S. (The fact that I ran out of waterbottles might be a factor in my annoyance)

Dear Memories.

Dear Memories.

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Leave me alone..