Dear Fangirls.

Dear Fangirls,

Stop drawing us in these ridiculous outfits. I don't know what part of your twisted minds think up these things. Just. Stop.

Sincerely, tired of seeing pictures of me with my brother,

Dear Naruto.

Dear Naruto,

I schooled you.

Sincerely, the rap master,

Dear Valentine's Day.

Dear Valentine's Day,

You're annoying.

Sincerely, tired of being jumped by hyperactive fans,

Dear Korra.

Dear Legend of Korra,

Thank you so fucking much for teaching Orochimaru to be an even bigger nuisance. I really fucking appreciate it.

Sincerely, as if my training wasn't already unbearable enough,

Dear Autumn.

Dear Autumn,

Thank you for getting rid of the heat.

Sincerely, hates the heat but will miss tomatoes,