Hey Reki here! ^^ I'll keep ya updated on the yaoi manga and animes out there!

Uke-less No More?

Good new everybody! I might not be uke-less anymore! Nikki has this friend who has this friend who is a seme-less uke! His name is Kain... just met him though, Damn Nikki introducing me to random people she meets... OH! Sorry about that... o.o] You might be wondering why I am writing... I forget. But anywho I have found the coolest hat! ^-^] Nikki'll add a picture of me soon... she never draws me anymore. T^T].. OK... Im leaving now... bye.


(PS. This -> ] is a hat)


I have a couple mangas I like to follow and don't blame me but I enjoy it when they have the Mature Content(MC), but Nikki is 13 and her mind is a little more advanced then her....Thats where I come in. T^T Her mom shares a room and so I am afraid to look at it...I mean if shes not there or sleeping I might get a little brave and feed my guilty pleasures. But any other time I am soooo embarresed to or afraid to. See me and Nikki's judgement emotion get along well but... I hope you understand... anyways I just needed tto mention that if anyone can help, please don't hesitate. We need it!


PS:Still uke-less...


Hey there I am Reki! Nikki's male alter-ego...Here are some random facts about me....

Seme or Uke?:Seme

I am a vampire from the 1820s and I am from England...or Nikki's mind whatever kinda hell you wanna call that...Its looks like England to me. ^^ I am a uke-less seme and T^T don't cry for me! I am a smexi vampire!! I enjoy a lolicon type yaoi! 8D I am hyper most of the time... no I don't always crave blood... well if I hadn't eaten but... Yeah you get it... ^^


So thats me. ^^ uhh I have certain updayes on yaoi manga and animes so I will keep that up to date if I don't feel free to unleash the rabid fangirls upon me... Damn I hate that, Nikki always lets that happen....but never any boys!

Oh quite sorry about useless pratleing. I am off to wallow in my own sorrow. ^^ BYEZ!