anime next review..

*edit* kyaah..~~ this fellow already bought so much and he still wanted a 30x47 wallscroll of enma ai... >v<!!

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and i really appreciate that he put them in frames except for the mouse pad he's holding.. too bad he missed the enma ai mouse pad.. XD

i met a fellow theOtakuer.. *do we have an official name for theotaku members..? theOtaker.. lol.. theOnian..? ugh.. i dont really like onions.. >_> anyways......

i met star petals..~~<3
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it was really awesome coz she came to my table and like, are u in theOtaku or something... so i was really really happy when she recognized my work....~~<3 kyaah..~~ and she bought a poster.... thank u thank u....~~~ <3

and also an old member rubberducky.. i dont remember her username....... >A<! but yes... i was really happy when people came to my table when they recognized my art..... >v<!! thank you for recognizing my art.... TT^TT

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