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Mood~ Tired (3/4/10)

Requests~ Friends Only

Anger Scale~ 4/10 (3/3/10)

Art Trades~ Open

Dating Status~ Single

Age~ 16

Eye~ Green/blue

Hair~ Dark Blonde

Skin~ Pale

Favorite Color~ Green

To Do List:


"DaSani(*) Academy"

Art-Trade with MagicRinger

Art-Trade with Yumi-chan

"Of Lightning and Heart"

"Koneko Summer"




WIP 1 [3]

It's still a WIP >.>

Commission Me!

I am now opening up commissions! Please make sure you check which types of commissions are available before you ask for a commission, otherwise you may be put on a waiting list. Also note that prices may vary with individual pictures depending on how detailed it will be.

Both point commissions on deviantart and regular commissions are open!

I can be commissioned for:

-Chibis (Colored, toned, lineart): 20pts ($2.00)+
-Linearts: 20pts ($2.00)+
-Toned Pictures: 60pts ($5.00)+
-Colored Pictures: 120pts ($10.00)+

Commissionable Manga Offers:

(Some of these offers are for a limited time only.)

-4-6 Panel Strip: 40pts ($1.00)+
-1 Page Manga: 40pts ($1.00)+
-5 Page Manga: 180pts ($3.50)+
-One-Shot Manga(25-45 pages): 1,200-2,000pts ($20.00-$40.00)+
-4 Chapter One-Shot Manga: 10,000pts ($150.00)+

+ = Available
*= Unavailable

Also, if you feel like donating points, just to donate points, I'd love you forever!

Points from point commissions go to gifts and a premium membersip.

Money from regular commissions go to my college expences. (Using point commissions to pay for a premium membership is helpful so I don't have to pull out of my college savings >.>)


I will post up a smaller, watermarked version of your image, letting you know your picture is done and giving you a chance to see it. Once payment is made, whether it is a regular commission or a point commission, I will e-mail the .png file to you.

I accept paypal and snailmail!

WIP: Our Withered Soul

So this has been in the making for a long time now. I've been trying not to get lazy with this picture, so whenever I don't feel like I can do my best anymore, I stop for a little while and then pick it up again. Over all, I think this has been a work in progress for about four months :/

Near Mr. Ninja! Chapter 1 Progress

Hello all!

You know, I'm actually surprised that DMN has gotten as far as it has. I literally drew the first page on a whim out of boredom. I didn't really think I was going to make a real comic out of it. Though the more I stared at that first page the more ideas sprung into my head. As of right now, I'm really excited as to where the comic is going. Dear Mr. Ninja is a mixture between real life comedy and action fantasy (with romance and drama thrown in for good measure) as we view the life of Watase Nao and her over-active imagination.

I've finished half of the pages to chapter one, but there's still over 20 pages to go so I'm excited to see where Nao's current fantasy will take me! I hope you all will keep reading too!

With love,

Ali M.

Piano Hearts Manga

This comic will be relitively short... I'm still working on the script so I haven't done any pages besides the one that's up on SmackJeeves.

Here's a link to view the summary and the first page of the comic!

Piano Hearts Manga on SmackJeeves.com!