Reiko's Bio

Name: Reiko spelled "Spirit Child"
Age: Several hundred years
Build: Petite and quite thin
Height: 5'3"
Elements: Fire and lightning (the staff is all metal and a perfect conductor)

Misc: she's a fox spirit and the protector of all flora and fauna of the forests. She's spunky and quite mischievious but has a short fuse. She loves children and noodles. hates sweet stuff

History: Reiko was born from mother nature. When she was old enough mother nature entrusted her with the protection of the forests and gave her the power over fire and lightning because those were the two elements that destroyed forests. Mother Nature wanted Reiko to have control over those elements.
Over the years though humans became the forests most powerful enemy and soon Reiko really didn't have much control over the situation, but she continues to protect the plants and animals faithfully all while getting into pretty sticky messes with humans.

Some friends:

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