Welcome in the worlds of fairies. In this world you can find all about fairies and all about flowers. I will almost write anything I found about fairies and flower. And I gave ideas to draw fairies based on flowers, so that its appearance will basically takes the petals of the flower and its personality will be the meaning of the flower.
So if you guys interested in this fairies, let me know and I'll be glad to add you as guest posters. More people is merrier. You can Pm me or just comment on this world or find me in the Chat room.


Here is the fairy that protects the woods. They Live in the woods and takes a female forms. The words dryad came from drys (Greek) means Oak tree.

What's this? A young fairy!

Here we see an adorable fairy leaning on a branch watching ants crawl around.

Young fairies like this are easy to find, exploring their world and making all sorts of mischief.