The Golden Harp

For Haru 93’s challenge to replace the main character with myself, so Mary Sue haters, beware!!! Since the setting is in a high school, I wrote myself as how I was back then, with the knowledge I now have to fill in extra details. I was originally going to be a violist stuck with a violin (I even had my solos set up!), but as I watched the series again for reference, I realized that with all my viola comments that I would probably get a viola instead, and if the fairy could make any instrument, why not choose something I didn’t yet know how to play.

True story, my room is painted solid with teal, purple, and rose paint. Not true story, me being a shallow fangirl in high school; I insisted that I could not tell if a person was hot or not until I got to know their personality and still am that way in real life but I let myself be shallow for my initial thoughts of the characters I meet are my modern watching anime reactions, which gives my Mary Sue character some disillusionment later if I continue this story.


It was the start of a new year at Seiso Academy, a prestigious school for music with half of the student body is in the music program. However, I am one of the general ed. students even though I love music.

Being the punctual person that I am, I arrived at school fairly early. It’s so quiet and peaceful before the other students arrive. Okay so I have 6 a.m. seminary every morning with my church and it’s simpler for me to hang around school instead of going home afterward. Still, it was such a beautiful and refreshing morning; I could feel this year was going to be great!

“I wonder if I’ll find someone who can see me?” a small voice sounded above me as I passed the center statue in the courtyard.

I looked up the statue and what should I see but a chibi-looking fairy! My guess would have been that he was a boy with his golden, curly locks. His garments were similar to a Peter Pan style, but blue. Actually, this fairy looked like a smaller version of the statue he was descending from.

My eyes grew big, after all fairies aren’t real. I thought I was still dreaming! Thoughts of the different legends of fairies raced through my mind. Would he be friendly like Tinkerbell is to Peter, or would he bite me like the fairies on Labyrinth? I gulped as he hovered in front of my face. If it really had come time that I snapped from doing nothing but homework all my life, at least no one was around to see me.

“Can you…see me?” questioned the fairy, “Can you really, truly see me?”

“Umm…yeah?” I breathed, barely audible.

A mischievous smile crossed the fairy’s face as he looped in the air and shouted, “Sweet! Barely 7 o’clock and I found someone who can do it!”

He waved his wand and sparkles flew out as he did a somersault. The pixie dust flew across the courtyard and made the bells chime as they hit. I concluded this must be the trickster kind of fairy, seeing as the noise would bring staff to see the commotion and think I was playing a prank since I was by myself outside.

Well, fleeing would only make things look worse, but since I could no longer see the fairy, I tried to go to class as calm as I could be. Other students were starting to arrive, so I needed to keep my composure.

Perhaps I just imagined the fairy and the bells; after all I do have a wild imagination. However, I have always been able to distinguish between my thoughts and reality. I couldn’t possibly be going crazy at such a young age though, could I?

I sighed as I reached my classroom. No one else was there yet, so it was the perfect time for me to read a good book; I like to keep productive. Soon I was able to lose myself in the fantasy story in my hands.

I was only interrupted as the time for school to start neared and more students were around chatting about nothing in particular. It’s hard for me to concentrate when there are other sounds around me so I switched to observing mode.

One girl in particular, Miyo, was notably boisterous in her chit-chat. She moved her arms eloquently with stars in her hazel eyes while telling her friends of the legend of the ‘violin romance.’

“Once upon a time, there was a music competition held,” she narrated, “and that competition had a super romantic story behind it! At this school, 25 years ago, two of the competitors met and fell in love! But they were supposed to be rivals. Then they found a hidden fairy at the school! They were both violinist! Isn’t that the most romantic thing ever?”

She swayed and giggled while she wrapped up the story. She didn’t go into detail about the fairy part, but if that was a school legend, then perhaps what I saw was real and I wasn’t going crazy.

I shouldn’t over-think it; my mind has a tendency to overanalyze the simplest of things. I wouldn’t have to worry long since the teacher arrived and class started. Time to focus on learning!