Angelic Rose

Naïve girl sent to adult cartoon on mysterious mission. She keeps an eye on Kurama, but with other hotties walking around and Hiei’s suspicions, will her task be as easy as she had hoped? Takes place during Dark Tournament Finals.

This was my very first fanfic that I recently revised for This story was originally based upon my first reactions on YuYu Hakusho as I started to watch it. (Many years ago lol)


My name is Sally Sue and I work for the rarely heard of CC (Cartoon Cops) I get to watch cartoons all day and go into them when there is a problem that needs to be solved. Sure you see bad guys on TV, but off the screen they are friendly…mostly (every now and then someone goes on a berserk rampage and the CC is needed to set everything in order).

Now you have the opportunity to go with me on my adventure through YuYu Hakusho. There really isn’t a problem in their block right now, but Bob has just asked me to go on a mission there. So we’ll go into his control room office to find out what he wants me to do there. I don’t know too much about this cartoon; I saw the first episode (which looked pretty good) and what the next episode would hold, but that’s about it.

My mission concerns Kurama, which I find shocking that he is a he; from previews with the hair and the flowers, I thought he was a she. He has long red hair and green eyes, similar to all the characters that I create for myself. (He must be a male clone of my imaginary self!) As Bob and I plan my disguise, I give myself purple hair and blue eyes and somewhat different abilities to avoid being a complete copy of Kurama. I love how we get to create our own characters when we go undercover; we are allowed one form per cartoon plus the animated version of our true form. Anyway, I let Bob deal with all the technicalities so my character will be believable in that block, and now I’m ready to roll!

External Image
Leilani's Character Design (Sally Sue's Disguise)