"Astria always knew she wasn't normal. She could feel other people's emotions and objects had a tendency to randomly fly into walls when she was upset. But she never really thought it until her dying grandmother told her: "You are not human." Astria would've preferred not to think on this very much either, but when a fateful encounter with a stranger begins to change her life, she won't have a choice."
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Where the Work is Created


1)My handy dandy lamp. It has two settings and is incredibly useful. And very hot to work under in the summer.
2)These cool spinny thingys in which I store my TOMBOW brush pens. And some pencils.
3)This is the area where I actually draw. The cardboard is there so I don't have to deal with the groves in the desk messing me up. I have a paper somewhat underneath it for quick concept sketches and inking warm ups.
4)Its a wall. With Cowboy Bebop pictures!!!
5)A stack of various scrap papers, bristol pads, my old pages, my used storyboards, tracing paper, and comic book paper.
6)This is where I hang up the story board of whatever page I'm working on so I can see it as I draw. In fact thats the storyboard for the next page, not that you can see it. Behind it are reference pics of all my characters.
7)COPICs and various inks here. I don't have very many COPIC but I have a nice box for them that also has a toothbrush in it. I mostly use black ink, but I have sepia, grey, and white.
8)Various tools. I have a nice ruler and a brush for brushing away eraser particles. I also have a pile of various pencils I use for toning my comic as well as some smudgers and brush pens.
9)A pile of reference material. So fun. But useful.

A Random Pic

A random picture of Astria because its been a while since I posted here. A lot of people seem to like Astria in her gypsy outfit anyway. I actual made this for another website but I hope everyone who sees it here enjoys it.

Ugh, cause I felt like posting

I never really post in here cause I usually don't have that much to say, but I felt like posting today. Mainly out of boredom. So I'll give you an update on the comic. Cause you really need one >.<. So I'm working on ch.2 page 8. Surprisingly it's coming out really fast. I should have the complete pencil sketch done by today and depending on if I get lazy, I might finish the line art today too. Then tomorrow it'll be a simple matter to tone and do the lettering. Thats if I don't get lazy. And some of my favorite shows are on today. But I might end up staying up late to work on it. Depending on how fast I am I could even have it done by today! O.o But thats really unlikely. -_-

Astria Expressions

Here are the many expressions of Astria. I did this as a challenge someone posted on deviantart. So here it is, yay hey. I'll do more for some other characters when I find the time.

The Author

The author of Redeeming Fate who also, coincidently, happens to be me. A friend took this, which is why the background is werid.