This world is for contests and requests, so if you don't want to do either, you might as well leave. Just to let you know.

Animal Contest

This is the first contest... You have to create a fan art of yourself or an oc of yours as an animal or half human/half animal. Requirements: Has to be of yourself or your oc Has to be some sort of animal(please mention o...

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Goth Contest

Second contest...
Create a goth child to show your dark side...

Has to be in black and white
It should be goth, but punk is acceptible
Can be boy or girl(include a written gender and name)
Child can be any age under 18
PG 13 only please
Deadline is August 20th.

Please refer to first post made in this world for all contest specifics.


Here in this new world, I will be holding my own personal contests with my own themes. I also take requests and ideas for these contests. Unfortunately, these aren't like the regular contests where I can give an extravagent prize. So what will be ...

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