Just listening to music :D

Just sitting here listening to music, after a pretty darn good day!!
I went to church finally! Lol I haven't been there in some months now. I have my reasons though, so don't get me wrong :p
Anyways I think I'll be making a part time com-back on the otaku! I miss the atmosphere :D
If you're wondering where I've been.. well that's a good question. :/
Jk I've been around "lurking" if you will. Adding some srtists works as my favorite here and there. Joinig the chat briefly to say hi and leaving in an instant. LIKE A NINJA!! :P
No but really my laptop is on the Fritz :l so until I get a new one (which will be a while since I gotta fix my car as well :/) I'm going to be using my awe amazing T-Mobile MyTouch Slide (with the Genious Button!!) Ya gotta add that last part every time you bring the phonw up, otherwise it just seems like "ooonew phone? Ok..idc, leave from my sight"
Yea anyways I've missed a lot here on the O. And Ashio Chan misses me :))
I MISSES YA TOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ErrHmm, like I was saying- Expect more of R.O.S :D

De Wa Kore De!!