Souls insight on " The World"

has anyone ever wondered how we got here? on this planet, earth....who named our planet? and why is it that it seems like earth is the only inhabitable planet in the solar system? these are all questions that i have pondered upon recently, and to much dismay, i have no answer. some people believe we evolved from monkeys (weird) while others beleive we came from a divine hand. I was raised up in the church so of course i have my beleifs (as we all do), but when it gets right down to it, even i get a little more curious than i should about life. if we did come from monkeys (which would be funny, and also explain why i like to climb trees) then how did the monkeys get here? And the whole Big Bang theory. Let me say, it would make an EPIC movie, but did were we really created by space dust? lolz i did some reserch on it myself, to see if i could understand how people can beleive in that theory. it seems they beleive that we came from a single celled life form, that drifted along our planet earth, after the big bang. To make a long story short, the single celled life form evolved and here we are. weird huh? some people dont give a crap how we got here, they're just glad they are alive. ^^. but i'm still astonished at the thought of worlds being created in space from a big bang. the big bang (for those of you who dont know this already) is what historians like to call a natural phenomena. A planet (much bigger than any that are present today) died. know when a planet "dies" it means that it has just lost most of its natural resources, and such. the planet then begins to slowly implode. it takes a few hundred maybe even thousands of years for that process to complete itself. a planet doesnt just simply explode. ( but it would be funny if it did, kinda like fireworks) anyways. that is one theory. I still cant grasp it, but i can understand the basic science of it, oh yea speaking of science. Scientology is a controversial belief system developed by L. Ron Hubbard, based on a person being an immortal spiritual being whose survival depends on him/herself and his/her attainment of brotherhood with others and the universe. i think this one is kinda cool even though it's not true. what if we could sustain our life force longer than it is supposed to? it would be neat i guess. but then again i think i would get tired of some people, lolz. well this is what was going through my head this morning on the way to school, i hope you enjoyed it. ^^