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Conversations with myself, never go as planned. I always feel like i can't even be honest with myself. Honest with my own feelings. I wonder if i am the only person who feels that way. Sometimes i keep myself from feeling at all, which hurts nonetheless, i guess in a sense I can't escape my feelings. As much a i try. There is no use crying, but all the pent up stress and rage gets to me after a while. What to do, what to say, how to feel, In some situations i just go quiet. Empty, like a shell. What to do, what to do.....

PS3, IPOD and 3DS....OH MY!!!!

so recently (last month to be exact), I bought my self a ps3....

these things are pure EVIL!


I love my ps3 and I'm sure anyone else with a ps3 would say the same thing. before I bought it, I was more of a handheld console type of guy. especially with my android phone and all the crazy cool games coming out for it (exciting)

but then one day I thought to myself...I have money saved up and money to spend on something...what should I buy?

I had three different items to choose from

a ps3, a white iPod touch 4 64 gig, or a black Nintendo 3ds...

ahhh the choices....
so the first two are handheld i can take wherever I go.

the ps3 is only going to be at my house but it has amazing games, graphics and good multiplayer.

the iPod can play music and do other things.

but my phone already does what the iPod can do...

the 3ds is amazingly cool and not to big or obnoxious like the XL series..
check is a 3ds....and I'm about to be 20...
(does age really matter, what do you think)

hmmmm...hold on...Skyrim is coming out for the ps3...

holy crap I'm getting the ps3, tomorrow.

and that was that.

almost 2 months later and I'm still playing skyrim.
I now have about ten games in total (including saints row the third)
and I plan on getting kingdoms of alamur when it comes out next week on Tuesday.

sweet baby Jesus I can't wait!

what kind of video games and consoles do you guys like/prefer?

let me know, I'm curious about my peeps :p

Just listening to music :D

Just sitting here listening to music, after a pretty darn good day!!
I went to church finally! Lol I haven't been there in some months now. I have my reasons though, so don't get me wrong :p
Anyways I think I'll be making a part time com-back on the otaku! I miss the atmosphere :D
If you're wondering where I've been.. well that's a good question. :/
Jk I've been around "lurking" if you will. Adding some srtists works as my favorite here and there. Joinig the chat briefly to say hi and leaving in an instant. LIKE A NINJA!! :P
No but really my laptop is on the Fritz :l so until I get a new one (which will be a while since I gotta fix my car as well :/) I'm going to be using my awe amazing T-Mobile MyTouch Slide (with the Genious Button!!) Ya gotta add that last part every time you bring the phonw up, otherwise it just seems like "ooonew phone? Ok..idc, leave from my sight"
Yea anyways I've missed a lot here on the O. And Ashio Chan misses me :))
I MISSES YA TOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ErrHmm, like I was saying- Expect more of R.O.S :D

De Wa Kore De!!

life of an assasin

so i just got done watching ninja assasin with my friends (yea i know its kind of old now,but still) and i was just thinking. life as an assasin would be so cool. if i got to choose my own path. the whole plot behind ninja assasin SPOILER!! is the fact that we as people no matter who we are should be able to choose our own paths. now thats the moral of the story from my point of view. not being able to choose how you live your life, who is in it, and what you do in it. i couldnt even fathom that. i was also thinking.. some people express their pain in was that are completely uncalled for. i'm sure by reading that we all have a picture in our head of a moment in time where we did or saw someone else over-react in a burst of pain. whether its physically or emotionally. idk its super late and im mad tired. im pretty sure that when i read this in the morning im going to want to delete it, lmao.

long time..

it has been entirely too long since i have been on the O. if first logged in and went straight to my backroom to find that i have over 40 unread messages, at least 30 unread comments and some guest posters to worlds that i didnt even knew exsisted. so here i am, its been what several months since my last log in?? well i will be here a lot more. my new phone is here to make sure of that!! =) post later, i have to go read all thise messages and comments. lolz