OK so this world is like all my other worlds.It includes all,no most,of my poetry and a few other things.So basically this realm is where you will find most of my poems.If you would like to request anything,please do.I love to write poetry and lots of it tells a story from different points of view.So if you would like me to write a poem about someone or something,please just send a comment or message me.

Untitled (yet again)

Standing atop this great precipice
I can't help but cry my heart out to the world far below me
I wrap my arms around myself and try to hold the pain within at bay
But it seems an impossible task
Fore the pain is beyond unbearable for just any one person to bear alone
And yet that is what I had hoped to achieve......

Storm clouds loom in the distance,
A prelude to the storm within me;
Thunder rumbles, lightning flashes
Giving the sky an eerie glow
Soon it starts to sprinkle, leaving the world around me in a watery haze
I look up to the sky above and can't help but weep bitter tears of sorrow
The pain is taking its toll on my body
I should have listened, should have, but I didn't
And for that I am truly sorry......for everything

It's starts to pour down
There are water puddles all across this land and atop this great precipice
But I don't seem to care anymore
My body has become so numb deep inside
That I don't feel the rain anymore
Suddenly I hear a voice calling out to me
But it's soon tuned out by the thunder
Even without the thunder covering your voice
I know it's you
You came after me again
Even when I told you not to...

You were the one every girl wanted to be with
You were the one whom the Elders had said had the promise of a great leader
You were the one who was the rightful leader of our most strongest warriors
You were offered many things in life
You would have prospered, if only you had listened to everyone
But you didn't, you ignored everyone's advice and sought a different life from the one you could have had
Only to be by my side
You were always trying to do things for me
Helping me in any way you could or knew how to

To be continued.....

Realm Of Dreams

Living in this world of bittersweet memories
Leaves me feeling as though I walk through a realm of dreams
What lies within this realm is more sinister and deadlier than any beast man can hope to fathom
It has the ability to bring forth memories one would like to forget
It assumes the shape or persona of the things or the people whom we held dear
It likes to taunt us with the memories of what used to be, and what could have been
But more often than not, this thing that lives within this realm of dreams likes to take on the shape of a woman
The woman is ethereal
She is far more beautiful than any woman that has come into being
She can be heard and touched, but never seen
Her eyes are ever seeing
Her knowledge is ever known
Her love is unconditional
Her hatred is ever growing;
The woman is something that has the ability to slip past ones own defenses
Even if you put up barriers around your thoughts and your heart
She will always find a way past those barriers

I, too, live in this realm of dreams
But I, unlike my beautiful counterpart, am not as ethereal
I am like a real living being who can be seen but never touched or heard
I am the lighter side to her dark
She manifests on your dark emotions and uses them against you
While I manifest and use your other emotions like love, joy, and gratitude
To bring you whatever I can with these emotions
But unlike her using her ability to slip past your barriers to get what she wants
I, instead wait for you to give me your trust
I do not simply try and break past your barriers
That is not the way of my kind
We were meant to simply monitor and watch over all dreamers
Not destroy them

Standing at the center of this realm of dreams
I hear her voice calling to me
Unlike the dreamers
I can hear her
I can touch her
I can interact with her the way all the dreamers can't
It is the way this realm was made
This realm of dreams was made so her and I could do as Dream Weavers were meant to do
We were meant to weave good and dark dreams
Our realm is mirrored by thousands of other realms of dreams with their own Dream Weavers
Each realm was given two or dozens of Weavers depending on what the dreams held within them
Each realm was also given Dream Guardians and Dream Guides
But this realm, this one realm, was only given two Dream Weavers
One was living and corporeal
The other ethereal

She is standing next to me now
The other Dream Weaver
The dark to my light
We watch as the dreams we have weaves play out as they were intended to
We listen to everything and nothing at all
We know every possible ending to each dream
We interact with the dream itself and the people or things within it
But never the Dreamer
That is one thing we cannot be allowed to do
Because it was forbidden long ago in ages past
I look back at her and smile
She looks away from the images of a dream she had woven for a particular Dreamer
And smiles back
I hold out my right hand to her
A small token of understanding and connection to another being
She reaches out and grabs onto my hand
Holding it while we walk again throught this realm of dreams we created

Untitled ( yet again )

Life is beyond my reach
I haven't been able to give life
I can only take it away from those whom are unaware of my presence in this world
Many would call me by several names, given their ethnic background
Some would call me the goddess of darkness, daughter of the night
Others would most likely call me the Lady of the Darkness
But...I am none of these things
I am merely a remnant of a past civilization that has died out over the centuries
I am one of the few who remain from my people
We were once the caretakers of this world
That was our sole purpose of being brought into it
But we didn't do our duties right...so the one who created my people
Made humans to do it in our stead
With nothing more to do to take care of the Earth
My people stepped down from the role of caretakers and slowly let the world of humans consume what was left of a huge civilization of Immortals
We immortals didn't do anything that would draw attention to ourselves throughout the long centuries that we've been on this planet
We simply just blended in with those around us watching...always watching from a distance
We watched from a distance because we didn't want our race to be completely wiped out like most of the ancient human races
You see, my people preferred to keep our bloodlines pure of any diluted blood whatsoever
And would do anything to keep it that way

Standing here on the street out in the pouring rain
I can almost pretend that this small town I now reside in was filled with my people
That the entire town was built for my people to thrive in
But it isn't and that makes it all the more bittersweet
Just like a bittersweet candy that the children whom live in this town enjoy so much
As I close my eyes and lift my head up as if to look at the heavens above
I can almost pretend that my love was with me right now
I can almost feel his arms wrapping around my waist and drawing me close
And I can almost smell his scent on my skin
But as I open my eyes again when I feel rain begin to turn into a light sprinkle
I remember he went far away from this place to a more secluded area
Just like the remaining survivors of my people have done
Now what I'm about to tell you is something humans have forgotten when we first made our appearance in their lives
Each of my people come from different branches of power
Some come from beings of life itself
Some come from beings of light
Some come from beings of darkness
Others come from the elements themselves
Then there are the rare few like me who come from the being of death
We are the ones whom are most feared in the end
Because we choose the fate of humanity's actions


A dark gray sky looms above the chaotic wasteland
Rain pours,as if made of a never-ending waterfall, upon the barren land
Thunder rumbles in the distance
Lightning flashes in the sky above
Yet,i stand here, trying so hard to catch my breath
Because what lay before me is something no one should ever see in their lifetime
What lies before me is a land filled with blood and bodies of the dead
I close my eyes to the bodies closest to me...

There is a law amongst us few remaining immortals
And that is to never, under any circumstances, harm a human child

To Be Continued

Deuteronomy Quote

"May my teaching drop as the rain,
my speech distill as the dew,like
gentle rain upon the tender grass,
and like showers upon the herb."