My name is Toshiro Hitsugaya. I am the Captain of Squad 10 of the Gotei 13. If you read the one line description of this world, then you already know why I am here. I have a lot of paperwork to do (especially since I took on Squad 5's), so I may not post often. I will try, though.

I Hate You All!!!

Mistletoe Tag Game

Here's what you have to do:

1) I will post a name at the end of this post.

2) The person will take this picture (the one up there ^^) and use it to start off a post in their world.

3) Answer the 5 Christmas/Holiday questions I've given.

4) Then you must list one or two of your favorite anime/manga characters or a fellow RPer or a friend that you would like to kiss. (keke~ XP)

5) List 3 reasons why you chose them.

6) Pick one person to tag, and give them 5 new questions. (You may repeat ONE question if you can't think of anything else.)

7) The person you tagged must complete steps 2 - 6, and may not tag someone who has already been tagged.

If you run out of RPers to tag but still want to continue it, pick one of your other Otaku friends. It'll be fun that way. Just make sure to tell them the rules.


Two Anime Characters; Three Reasons:

Kazuya Shibuya: Sarcastic, narcissistic, pain in the ass
Aizen (rper): Our banter, he's witty, and we are both clever and often try to outsmart each other.


Here are my 5 answered questions:

1) Have you ever had a HORRIBLE Christmas Dinner? Does Rangiku's cooking count?
2) How many White Christmas’ have you had in your life time? All of them
3) Have you ever unwrapped someone else’s Christmas present? No
4) Have you ever peeked inside the wrapped gifts under the tree? No
5) Have you ever lain under the Christmas Tree with the lights on, on the tree and off in the room? Yes, I was in the middle of decorating when Rangiku turned off the lights.

My 5 questions are:

1) What's your best Christmas memory?
2) How many Christmas' have you had? (give number)
3) Have you ever seen Santa? If so, tell him to do his job. It's not my responsibility.
4) Have you ever been kissed by Shunsui under the mistletoe? *has heard rumors*
5) What do you want most for Christmas, if you could have anything?

(Remember: NO TAG BACKS!!!)

Have fun!!!

I TAG: Juushiro Ukitake

I am NOT Santa!!!

Wish List:
Anything to do with Snow, Ice, or being under water.



Ask me anything you want! I will answer if I feel like it! If not, then next time ask a better question! I may use a voice changer, I may not! I dunno yet!

I look forward to your questions >}


Finally got her model uploaded to DeviantArt, go check her out.

Mind you, she is still being edited.

A weird Holiday

This holiday I went over to a friends house to celebrate. The food was great and the entertainment was...well football. None of that matters though because they had a bearded dragon.

Now I like most reptiles and they like me, but this one in particular loved me! It loved me soo much it decided it wanted to eat me. I had the little guy on my shoulder when he started eating my hair! Literally! When I moved himm he kept trying to climb back up to my shoulder for HIS Thanksgiving meal!

And yes, his name was Rex. Needless to say I am staying away from ALL dinosaurs.

And Hyourinmaru. Don't get any ideas!