Dat Hunger, tho...

Does anyone else, anyone at all...ever just wake up in the morning, totally not hungry at all...
And then, while you're sucked deep into your morning routine of checking the internet, your stomach suddenly decides to be like, "Hmm, they're busy right now, let me make them have to get up and make something that'll take a while to be finished and has to be watched."? Yeah, well that just happened to me. >.>


So, after only watching the first season of Soul Eater thus far, I have come to the realization that I desperately love Death the Kid and his love for symmetry.
I also realized that I really want to meet Todd Haberkorn and Vic Mignogna, because they are my two favorite voice actors. And both of them are extremely nice.
Not only that!
But I realized that........~Excalibuuuur, Excalibuuuur...From United Kingdom, I'm looking for her, I'm going to Californiaaaa~...~
I can't stop singing that. I'm going to find it and set it as a ringtone. Oh yes.


So, it occurred to me last night when my mother got angry at me for having a pocket knife on my person at all times that even though their child may finally be 18 and an adult, they still think of you as their babies. O_o They'll still hate whatever ex boyfriend or girlfriend that hurt you tons in the past that you got back together with regardless because you love them, they'll still worry that you're gonna get hurt carrying around sharp objects, they'll still treat you like a kid cause they care...I guess it's something I have to get used to, but, it's a scary thought, and not something I want to deal with for the rest of my life. Those of you who are adults as well probably know what I mean...I mean, hell, you could finally turn thirty and they'll be asking you if you're still dating that stupid boy/girl named Danny/Katelynn from college. >.< Holy. Cow.

hyper children...

Tsumi realized today that children don't even need sugar to go almost absolutely frighteningly insane. O.o I witnessed the younger sister of my friend go insane today. Running around like a nut, yelling "rayr", just insane. It was amusing. But I never knew children could get so excited over nothing at all. It's...amazing.



Tsumi realized today just how scared she really is of the grudge. Her computer was making the sound today, just out of the blue, for absolutely no reason. Not only that, but when she would type, it would make the sound. The grudge sound was really frightening her, so she forced herself to go listen to the sound...she doesn't understand. Her computer has never done that before. Any suggestions as to why...?