The Beginning

In the beginning, there was born a child with red eyes. This child was given the name Saint Sage. He grew up to be a Sorcerer. He was kind and gentle, and always protected the weak. He was the first in a long line of heroes. His story starts the book of Saint Sage. His story is that of a Tragedy.....

"Saint Sage its time to get up. Come on sleepy head, your going to miss the day." said a woman in here 30's. She gently nudged the sleeping boy. After a few minutes he rolled over in his bed and opened his eyes. He sat up slowly and scratched his head. "There you go, I'll be down in the kitchen making breakfast. Do hurry, you have school soon." The boy looked around his room. It was a very normal room. He got up and got dressed, like he does every morning. But something seemed different this morning. He had a feeling like something was going to happen. He quickly ran down the stairs and found his spot at the table. His father was sitting there reading the morning paper. Saint looked at the front of it to read the date. It was March 17, 1490, three days before Saint's 15 birthday. He sighed, he just couldn't shake the feeling he had. After eating his breakfast, he quickly ran out the door and met his friends. He had two friends. His best friend was a boy name Avin who had brown hair and was just a tad bit shorter than Saint. They had grown up together since they were babies. His other friend was a young girl named Tabitha. She was 14 years old, and she was beautiful. She had long golden hair, and blue eyes that even could make the sea jealous. She had just recently moved to the town. They made their way into the school and took their seats. The day seemed to be going by like normal. Saint kept looking outside staring at the sky. "What is this feeling?" he mumbled to hisself. His eyes begin to get heavy and he soon fell asleep. He awoke to Tabitha poking his check. He stared at her with his red eyes. "Wake up silly, schools over for the day." She said. He sat up and looked around, and let out a yawn. "I missed the whole lesson, again. Can I get your notes Tabitha?" he asked. "Hmmmm only if you do something for me." she said with a grin. "What do you want?" he asked with a blank look. She got real close to him and whispered in his ear, "I want.....your candy." He sighed. "Fine I'll give it to you when we get to my house." he said. She had a devilous grin on her face. The three friends made their way back to Saint's house. When they got there, Saint noticed the door was slightly opened. "Hey guys wait out here, and let me go get the candy. He walked into the living room, to find it empty. "Okay this is very strange." he thought to hisself. He started to make his way upstairs when he noticed there was a weird smell in the air. He made it to his room and opened the door. His eyes widen, as he looks open his parents hanging from the ceiling. He stumbles backwards and a strange man appears in the window. "So you are the boy who will defeat evil. HA! That's a joke! You couldn't even sav a dog much less the world." The man said with an evil laugh. He pulled out a knife and started walking towards Saint. "Stay away from me!" Saint shouted. The man edge closer and closer until a light blasted him backwards. Tabitha and Avin were behind Saint. "What was that?" he asked them. Tabitha's hand glowed blue. "This is not the time nor place Saint, your life is very important and your in danger." A blue light wrapped around them and they were transported away. Saint soon passed out, were his dreams gave him the truth.

Saint walked a dark forest. He kept hearing voices calling him. "Who's there?" he cryed out. He kept walking until he stumbled into a clearing. His mother was laying in the field looking at the night sky. "I see you made it silly boy." she said. "Mom where are we?" he asked. "We're inbetween this world and the next." she said as he laid in the grass next to her. "Why are we here?" "Because it's time I told you the truth. You see me and your father were sorcerers. And there was a prophecy fore telling that our son would become a sorcerer like the world had never seen before. But we didn't want that lifestyle for our son, we wanted you to have peace and happyiness." she said. Saint laid there taking it all in. After a few minutes of silence he spoke, "Mom what would you do if your parents were both killed?" She looked at him for a minute. "I would....... I would do whatever it would take to bring peace for them." she answered. He raised his hand up towards the moon. "Then I'll bring you peace by becoming the greatest sorcerer to ever live." he said as he closed his hand. His mother smiled and slowly disappeared. He slowly awoke from his dream, to see Tabitha and Avin standing over him. "Tabitha I think we should start training." he said.

Years flew bye and as they went by Saint grew stornger and wiser. He is now 22 years old. He has dark brown hair and red eyes. He is about 6 foot 1, and is slightly musculer. He has become a very powerful sorcerer. He still lives with his two friends Tabitha and Avin, who both have becoming great sorcerers. They have fought many foes throughtout the years, but this year marks the final battle. The battle between Good and Evil.

"Have we found the location of the last temple?" asked Avin. "Yeah, our information puts it about here." says Tabitha as she points at a map. "Good than we'll head out first thing in the morning. So go get a good nights rest and meet me back here." Saint said.