This world is for short stories. I will be posting some very soon. I will allow guest posters to post their stories here, but I want it clean, do not go against the O rules, and let it be good. I want people to be entertained when they come here. Any who I'll be around, so until we meet again remember, stand by your writing or don't write it at all.
-Saint Sage

Well here are all the stories that are going to be posted on here sometime:
All Stories are part of a series I am Titling as the

Guardian Tales:

The Assassin Chronicles:
Markus Creed the Shadow
Victor Angel the Musician*
Dustin Flich the Gunslinger

The Knight Chronicles:
Jack the Mighty*
Lein the Rogue
Erik the Archer

The Sorcerer Chronicles:**
Saint Sage
The Saint and the Vampire
Farewell to the Saint

The Ninja Chronicles:**
The Rise of Knightly Cross
The Ninja and the Wolf
Returning Home

*=Name is subject to change
**=Three stories about one character

A Friend in Need

'What is that smell? Taste? Why do I feel like I'm lying in a pool of warm water?.....That's right this is where I was killed.' A street light was blinking in the distance. There was a sound of people walking by, cars driving down the road, but no...

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The Beginning

In the beginning, there was born a child with red eyes. This child was given the name Saint Sage. He grew up to be a Sorcerer. He was kind and gentle, and always protected the weak. He was the first in a long line of heroes. His story starts the b...

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