My place in the BNHA fandom

I first discovered BNHA on Pinterest and as much as I hate to admit it, it was Tsyu that got me attracted to the series. I'm not gonna waste time talking about unless I actually get a reply this time so if you're a huge fan of BNHA leave a comment.

Where I stand in the SNK fandom

I first discovered Attack on Titan through you guessed it, Toonami. I was completely unprepared for the first episode which I only watched on a whim, but after seeing that ending I was hooked. Attack on Titan was one of the first anime series I watch along with Elfen Lied, Kill La Kill and FLCL and I was obsessed with it in 2015 although not much has changed.

I've also seen the second season and am anxiously waiting for the third. My favorite character is Mikasa because she's a beautiful badass.

Anybody else in this fandom, let's chat.

Where I stand in the One Piece fandom

As with Naruto and Bleach, I've known One Piece since childhood and as with Naruto, I regret not making it a part of my childhood. Even when I started getting into anime, I was somewhat put off by One Piece because it's animation style just didn't look like anime. I don't know what compelled me to give it a chance but I did start at the same time I started Fairy Tail and let me tell you, I'm glad I did.

What it lacks in animation, One Piece more than makes up in everything else. It's plot is entertaining, the characters are likable and the humor can really get a chuckle out of you at times. I'm very far behind, like on episode 250 but I hope to catch up with a marathon soon.

My favorite character is Usopp because he's always bragging about awesome feats he accomplished which he never did but he's actually is a low-key badass.

If you wanna talk One Piece, hit me up.

Where I stand in the Fairy Tail fandom

While I can't recall exactly which video, I first discovered Fairy Tail through Youtube. I tried reading the manga in High School but couldn't get into it. It wasn't until I got Internet at home that I started watching the anime and I have been in love with it ever since.

Fairy Tail gets a lot of hate for too much fanservice and characters never dying but I think those are stupid reasons. I can't really defend the fanservice but an anime doesn't need to kill off it's characters to be great. Fairy Tail proves that.

I like the plot. I like the setting. I like all of the Fairy Tail wizards and most of the other characters. It's hard for me to pick a favorite but I suppose it would be Erza Scarlet. She's beautiful, sexy, a total badass and at times, even adorable.

I'm currently in the Tartaros arc.

If you love Fairy Tail, please leave a comment

Where I stand in the Dragon Ball fandom

Okay so first off, I think DBZ is the most overrated anime ever. The pacing is shit, too many unwelcome timeskips and Goku doesn't even defeat most of the bad guys. With that out of the way, I respect the series for paving the way for Bleach, Naruto and One Piece. I've seen the original series, DBZ, GT, and will start Super in a few weeks.

My favorite characters are Vegeta and Piccolo.

If you like Dragon Ball, leave a comment.