Where I stand in the FMA fandom

Once again, this is an anime I discovered through Toonami when I was a child. I never really understood the story back then. I thought Ed and Al had they're bodies changed into metal instead of replaced and other dumb stuff like that. I didn't get into FMA until high school when my friend Michael explained the story to me and after that I was hooked. My high school even got most of the manga in the library a few months later, up to the Briggs arc if I remember right. FMA is one of two anime who's manga I read all the way through, the other being Elfen Lied.

When I got the Internet at home, I tried watching the 2003 anime but it took me awhile to finish because it was so...well...bad. The truth is, I could go on a whole rant about how much I hate the 2003 anime but for now, I'll just say that it was needlessly tragic and had a completely unsatisfying ending, made worse with the movie that followed.

Brotherhood, on the other hand, was a masterpiece of animation in my opinion. The story wrapped up so nicely and almost every character got what they deserved. I really hope to watch it again on day. I also saw the live-action movie on Netflix a few weeks ago. It was alright. Still better than the 2003 anime.

FMA is one of those anime where I can't think of a favorite character because I like them all so much! Here's a small list of the ones I really enjoy.

The Elric Brothers

Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye


Van Hohenheim

and all of the homunculus, including Father.

If you belong in this fandom, drop a comment and we can chat!

Where I stand in the Naruto fandom

I remember when Naruto first came to Cartoon Network. I never really got into it and to be honest, that's a missed opportunity I'll always regret. I started watching Naruto around the same time as I did Bleach in high school and when I got the Internet at home, I began watching two episodes every Saturday along with Bleach, One Piece, and Fairy Tail.

I honestly never expected to fall in love with the anime as much as I have. There's just something about that's so epic. Sure it has a lot of filler but even that's cool enough to see most of the time. I just finished the original series and am watching Shippuuden. I'm at episode 19.

I have too many favorite characters to count including Naruto himself for being a more realistic anime hero. Then there's Rock Lee for his sheer determination, Shino for his awesome beetles and Shikamaru foe being a lazy badass. I also look forward to seeing the Akatsuki in action as I watch Shippuuden.

If you're a fellow Naruto fan, I'd love to have a chat!

Where I stand in the Death Note fandom

As with most anime, I discovered Death Note through Toonami. I never really tried to watch it on there although I did catch a few scenes like when Light killed the detective, Ryuk and Misa exchanged apples and Near wore that L mask (which scared the hell out of me as a kid.)

I did try to read the manga in high school but only got as far as the Yotsuba arc before getting bored. I did watch the anime series once I got the internet at home. It was one of the first series I watched.

I really enjoyed the Gothic tones and nature of Death Note. It barely had any action but more than made for it with drama and suspense. This was an anime where the battle was fought with the mind rather than the body. As far the debate between L and Light goes, while L is my favorite character, I'd probably side with Light because his intentions did start out noble, even if they were corrupted over time.

(Crap! I didn't know this page could extend. I guess I can give more concrete summaries for future anime.)

Anyway, if your a fellow Death Note fan, I'd love to hear from you!

Where I stand in the Bleach fandom

Bleach was one of many anime I was introduced to as a child. I remember it would come on Adult Swim every week. I would catch a episode every couple of months or so, having no idea what was going on. I began watching it on purpose in high school, watching it every Monday alongside Naruto. When I got the Internet at home, I started watching two episodes of Bleach every Saturday along with Naruto, One Piece and Fairy Tail. I am currently at episode 235.

Bleach is pretty okay in my opinion. Far from my favorite anime, but it's still pretty great with awesome fights and interesting characters. My favorite character is Kenpachi Zaraki because he's so freaking badass! Literally addicted to battle and always itching for a fight. I also like how Yachiru is always riding on his shoulder, her cuteness balancing out his awesomeness is really fun to watch.

I would love to discuss more Bleach with any other member of the fandom so drop a comment if your a fellow Bleach fan!


For this blog, every Friday, I will discuss one anime whose fandom I am in. I will share my honest opinions about that anime and reach out to other fans of it. My goal is to find other people who are in that fandom and make some new friends. I'll start next Friday but will leave this first post as a test trial.