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And rather hungry. I could hear my stomach yelling at me. I decided to drink a couple of cases of beer help fill in the empty space in my stomach. I got up and left into our, as we call it, "The Flameable Room". We called it that because it was filled with nothing but alcohol. I got me a six-pack of beer, and a bottle of vodka for Sarah. I sat back down next to her and handed it her the bottle.. She didn't thank me, she just popped it open and started to drink it. I drank some of my beer and it helped fill me up some. I could guess in the next half hour that it would all be gone, and I'd be full. I didn't know what else to do with the night besides drink it away. Jimmy and Rick sat down on the other couch next to us. I couldn't help but think to myself, "Yeah sure. Jimmy's just a excuse to be near Sarah, isn't he? Hmm, pathetic." When they sat down, Sarah just rolled her eyes. She hated immature people like them. I couldn't blame her really. And the one thing worse than an immature person, was someone always so hyper, like Jimmy. I hated everythig about him. I sighed and sunk down in my seat. I continued to drink my beer, and Jimmy and Rick were talking about this and that. Lots of stories from their highschool years. Sarah and Jack left shortly after those two came. Totally ruined my night. Sounds like they had lots of friends in highschool with the names they kept mentioning.
"I think highschool is like the best part of life!" Jimmy said with a grin on his face. I had to disagree.
"Pfffft. As if." I said rolling my eyes. Highschool wasn't a fun point in my life. I hated it and I hated everyone in it. And they hated me.
"You speak!" Rick said sarcastically. "How can you say that? All the time spent hanging out with friends, food fights, staying up late partying!" I sighed and rolled my eyes.
"Because it wasn't like that for me. Besides, I hate parties. Too many people."
"How can you not like to party?" he asked me, looking so confused.
"It's not my thing." I answerd as a laid down on the couch. I was getting to feel sick from being so hungry. But I didn't want to go eat, so I just kept drinking, hoping to fill up. I started to feel a little tired. But I wasn't going to go to sleep until everyone was in bed. I didn't want anyone to sneak into my room and kill me. And the thing is, they probably will too. At least Sebastian. Stupid little monster. " were all popular, huh?" I asked them, starting to fill a little buzz from the alchoal I've been drinking.
"Yeah, we were friends with most of the students at our school" Rick answerd me.
"Ah.." I couldn't help but think back when me and Sarah where in high school. No one liked us. We were made fun of, mocked, and hated. The thought angered me a little. I think Rick could tell by the look on my face when he asked me, "What was wrong?". I didn't get it. He doesn't know me, so what would he care? I shook my head. Jimmy had started to text someone a lot. I didn't know who it was, nor did I care.

We all sat there for a couple more hours, they talked back and forth a lot. I didn't say anything else. I just listened. After my first six cans weere gone, I went and got another pack of beer, and drank more. I didn't want to drink much more and get drunk right now. I didn't want to deal with another hangover in the morning. I keep getting drunk anymore. But that was when I was happiest.
"You still alive?" Rick asked me. I looked at him. That comment amused me. I just nodded. And drank more.
"Are you going to share that.?" Jimmy asked me, staring intently at my can.
"Hmm" I answered. "Besides aren't you too young to drink?" I answered. Of course I didn't care, but this will be fun.
" Maybe?" Jimmy said.
"Unless you are over 23, you cannot drink alchohol around me. Those are my rules" I told him.
"But you'll let Sara drink and she's 22!" Rick pointed out. I wondered how he knew her age. He didn't like our band at all. I heard him say that in the past.
"How do you know her age?" I asked.
"One of Jimmy's brothers loves your band, and I heard a lot about you guys while growing up. He sadly got into the whole "emo" fad to. It sickens me!" He said with a rude tone at the end of his sentence.
"Yeah, he's all mad at me now, cause I'm bragging to him that I'm hanging out with you, Tom." Jimmy told me. "Hanging out?" I thought. We're just in the same room. By unfoutunate luck.