Chapter two Continuation

Sorry I was away for a while I have been working on the new chapters and stuff trying to figure out how it was going to play out well my friends enjoy.

As Raven made his order, the two men stared at him as well as the bartender, then the rest of the people in the room sat their for at least a good five seconds before bursting in laughter. Raven glared at them and hissed so violently it gave the people behind him shivers. Then out of the blue a random man came up to him with long black pants and a long black pirate's coat to match slowly edged up on Raven and with a quick gander and accuracy to his knife out and put it quickly up to Raven's neck. Raven just looked at him not showing any signs of attention, like he really did not care, Raven then proceeded to grabbing something out of his pocket when the knife started to squeeze even tighter on his skin. "Ahh you be a foolish one to be doing that" The Pirate stared at him with his black and yellow eye. "Hows it be a rookie like you coming into a place like this, you be plundering in things far beyond your understanding, and be the dumbest to boot." Raven just looked at him as the bartender came cover to Raven's area in fear placing the milk on the bar table. Raven then looks at the pirate and then proceeds to speaking. " You know what you are doing is a big mistake right? Let me at least pay the woman for crying out loud." Raven then proceeded into his pocket with the knife still squeezing ever so tightly on his neck, only to pull out a coin of high value. The bartender gazed at it a looked very humble. "Is that for me?" She replies and then Raven tosses it to her. There I think one platinum Piece should cover your pay, and here you can have these too. Raven then went into his pocket to take out 10 More coins of the same value. "5 is for you and your beauty, the other is for what is about to happen." The Bartender looks at him already astound because platinum is the highest currency bill on their planet 10 already means you were a very rich person. The pirate looked at him with his black and yellow eye glaring at the money that was dropped, Raven then proceeded to speak. "I have too much money anyway I am the richest person in the world let alone this planet, but I am the toughest to boot in this room so. ." The Pirate not paying any attention quickly rushed for the money, greed in his sights, until a sword of high magnitude came crashing on his hand pinning it against the bar table, the blood just spilling all over the floor. The Pirate could not stop screaming in pain and Raven gets up to put another sword to his throat. "If you though I was that mean wait until you see what I'm about to do to you next." The sword that was limbo to his throat started to turn fierce red, everyone in the room just stopped and stared at the horrific sight that was going on, while the Woman in black hair just stared at the whole thing giving no facial expression like cold as night. The pirate started to scream until Raven asked him a question.

"what's your name scum?"
"Seasel- Seasel Rubian"
"well Seasel My name is Raven Apollo Angelo"
"Nice to meet you"
The woman in black hair started to get up with her mind and eyes at shock.
"No that boy can't be, is it really?"
Back to Raven and Seasel
"I have a question for you Seasel, why did you become a pirate?"
" I don't know I guess there was many treasures I wanted to see, many crypts to plunder."
"I see, well do you want me to plunder in your crypt when i kill you?"
Raven then starts to heat the sword on his neck until he started screaming with agonizing pain, Raven then simmered the blade down and continued talking.

"Now why would you mess with a person like me knowing that I have done nothing wrong?"
" You seemed like a pushover, a naive one at that."
"Well I assure you I am no pushover and you sir, give me one reason why I should not send you to the gallows for hence you came?"

The woman then enters the conversation only to stop it.
"Because Ryo would not like you killing innocent people not until you have learned you reasons Raven."

Raven then turns around looking at the short pale but beautiful black eye woman with long jet black hair. She looked at Raven with a stern look as if she was picking a fight. Raven stops and glares at the pirate then he looks at her. "well it seems everyone is giving me their two cents today, Well quiet frankly it's not NEEDED!!" Raven sparks up his blade and throws it at the lady breaking tables and chairs along the way. The woman stops and looks at the blade, then with a blink of an eye she puts one hand in front and smacks the sword away crashing into people close by, the sword getting echiced in the wall. Raven then lets the pirate go and leaps in the air over the table to confront the woman with black hair. She throws five swift punches only for Raven to do some theatrics of his own to evade them. She promps ready her daggers and chucks them at Raven, Raven quickly takes Ramilla out and and clashes all but one, to which the last one he caught just in the nick of time at his eyelid almost touching his pupil. The lady laughs, "well Raven it seems that you are getting better it seems Ryo has taught you well it seems." Raven then stops in the middle of the fight. "Wait are you?" Raven puts down his sword and then walks to her. She smiles and then nudges her hair to the side. "Yes Raven I am Hunter"- Erika Hunter. . . To be continued.