Chapter 1 Continued

Sorry about that yesterday, mother wanted me off the computer to finish with Christmas things well anyway here you all are the finished part of the first chapter.

Raven looked down from below with the book in one hand; the sword in the other, laughing away at what appears to be a part of the book. "Ryo you have to look at this it is hilarious, Motoko just got hit with a 40 year old gag" Raven starts bursting with laughter as he continues reading, but Ryo was not paying him any mind, but the fact that he was ignoring his training. "Raven are you just going to sit up there and read that Damn book" but Raven was not even listening, still fixated on his book, Ryo took rage to this and threw a fire ball at him the size of a meteor. "You better take a look up Raven, or you might sunder your book in flames and ashes" Ryo smirks; but to his surprise Raven takes the back hilt of the sword and wails in competition of equal force on the enormous fire in gulfed object.

The object then comes crashing back down to Ryo position and Ryo Quickly snaps his fingers to see the large object vanish into a puff of smoke. "well it seems you awareness has not changed one bit, you have improved, very impressive." Ryo starts to clap his hands as if giving Raven a round of applause. "Now Raven I will make you a deal, are you ready for it?" Raven takes his blind fold half up across his eyes and stares with his crimson red eyes. "I'm listening." Raven then quickly jumps down off the pillar and lands on the pavement breaking chunks of it as he goes leaving small amounts of particles of dirt in the air. "I have this for you, I will give it to you if you accept this last and final test, all Kavallions had to do this at some point and Angelo's too." Raven's eyes started to look sluggish as if he though he was going to get something amazing, but to his dismay it would only cause him more pain. Ryo takes out of his back pocket a medium book with the title: Breaking Tsubasa. Raven's Eye FLARED with pleasurable joy, as if this was his very first birthday and all he received was a little toy horse. "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BOOK!!! I have been looking all over for that copy there is only 5 in the world, Sakura shino is my favorite author, her books are so beautiful. I MUST HAVE THAT BOOK!!" Raven starts to whimper in front of his uncle as he tries to reach for the book but his uncle pushes his face away and gives him the no, no, no, sign. Raven puts his head down in shame and finish listening to what Ryo has to say.


"Sorry Raven but you have to hear this first, Do you accept the last task?" Raven nods his head only to be curious of what the assignment is. "Raven you are twenty years old, unlike most humans on this planet, you are immortal, just like your father Scarlet." Raven then starts to look down as if something was bothering him. " Your mother told me when the time is right to give you this letter and this sword to understand who you really are." Ryo then takes out a letter which seems to have been sealed in very old blood but the seal stayed strong. Raven: with no hesitation snatches the letter from Ryo's hand. "This was from my mother?" Raven then started to have flashback blurs of what his mother looked like, before that tragic day. A tear falls from his eye for just a quick moment but then he stares at the letter, afraid of what it might hold. Raven takes one breath and opens the letter.

"Dear Son,
My Sweet son, If you are getting this letter it means that all my efforts to protect you has finally paid off, and that you are safe. I have been getting visions of a bad ending and I had to find a way to protect you, your uncle watched over you since you were five and given to through this letter you are old enough now to know the truth. You my son, you are the last heir to the Nagalpy tribe: The most powerful tribe yet to be. This sword that I bestow upon you was given to you at birth by your father, as you grow stronger, so does the sword. Son, I want you to take back what is rightfully yours." By this time Raven was already in tears. "Your clan needs a leader their true leader. I may not be able to see you in physical, to see you grow over the years, but my spirit is always looking down upon you, with loving and indulgent eyes, I will always look after you in spirit. I will always, and never stop loving you my son.
I love you."
Raven then collapsed on his knees with tears just flowing out his eyes not knowing when to stop. Ryo puts his hand upon Ravens head. "Your mother was the princess of this clan until you were born, your father was a warrior for that tribe long ago. You Grandfather was a valiant warrior himself until he died on the battlefield and left your mother in charge, the war chief Lu Sung turned corrupt and killed your mother, but before he could turn his sights on you I can just in time, but the clan did not witeness the death of your mother. So I told him that I will give him 50 years and in 50 years I will see to it that he is destroyed. Raven looked up " But wouldn't he be dead?" Ryo Shook his head, "I am sorry but this clan is a race of magical warriors, him dying in 50 years is like him dying at the age of twenty" Raven eyes flared and fire started to eat away at his white tavern coat. "I want his blood and I want him dead Now!!!" Raven starts to enrage with fire and lightning surrounding him and Ryo looked at him in silence watching the flames and lighting elegantly surrounding him. "Raven you must get stronger at your current state you will not be able to survive his attacks, that is why me and the rest of the family decided to help train you. Each year you will receive a letter of which area you uncles and relatives will be going to, do you want to restore you honor and your mother's?" Ryo looked at Raven Pointing the hilt of the sword at Raven's hand. "This is Ramillia: Hunting Wolf. She is your instrument of justice, dark word, revenge, and you mother's mandate." Ryo eyes started to flare as he said these words. "Will you avenge your title honor and mother? Will you go out into the world and find your true calling and name Isabelle Apollo Angelo?" Raven looked up at the sword and then grasped it in his hand, then a Sphere of Black and white energy surrounded him the sword then changed shape into what looks to be a long piece of board with a hilt attached to it. Raven looked in confusion "What is this the sword?" Ryo looked to him and said "this is your swords true form when in your hands and your hands alone, use her wisely because she can be a real hassle." Raven looked at him and started to feel more self confident "So Ryo when do I learn my limiter? (the limiter is what all Angelo's and Kavallion's have, it is a cursed mark that seals all their true powers away unless unlocked)" Ryo looked at Raven and laughed. " You have to learn that on your own, now are you prepared to take on this task?" Raven nods his head. "Then it is settled." Ryo throws the book up in the air landing in Raven's hands. "You will be given a letter in 10 days to train with your first uncle in fact I will tell you who it is. Uncle Kycoo will be first up but until then, go to the town of the Assassins Guild and look for a woman named: Hunter she will be able to help you on your journeys. . . for the right price that is humph" Ryo walks away laughing while Raven looks there stunned "Wait the takes about a good 3 month journey from here, you can't be serious?" Just then Ryo did not hesitate to give Raven a hard energy push out to the road while giving him these words of seriousness "No Raven, I am absolutely serious, Happy trails, see you in 50 years" And then after that Ryo vanished leaving no trace of himself behind. Raven then got up to his feet and dust off his fabric clothing and pulled out the book he was given from underneath him. With the book in one hand and Ramillia in the other He is ready to head of on his adventure, grasping Ramillia along the way.

End of Chapter 1