Chapter 1: The history


I have decided to create this for anyone who wants to take a look at my work, and please give me any comments about the story so far. I want opinions that can help me either submitting the whole story or keeping it shelved. Well enjoy.

Chapter 1 history
On the planet Cortana, the year is 1756. Mystical forces live on this planet, clans of many tribes live a prosper as well as new kingdoms come and the old ones fall causing rifts in governments and separations of powers, diving up each power into namely tribes. The Knights of Gesselous, the Shino tribe in the western area, the Kyoto tribe in the eastern barracks along with the Assassins Guild being a haven for infamous thieves and murderers. The temple of Gruadianium on the southern icy side while east of their is the Nagalphy (Na-ga-liff) forest where the Ikasuchi clan resides. But most of these places and more all herd of one name: Raven. To some he is a legend, to most he is just a mere myth, said to walk across the planet in search of nothing but change. He is said to changed a total of countless eras that changed the very paths the people see today. But Raven is no myth, he lives between the good and the evil and has lived for countless centuries. He has no purpose to the outside world still tries to complete his own agenda. these are his sagas and these are his stories.

Date: Year 882 Noon time 20 years after his exile from the clan
On top of a large pillar is a young man with a blind fold over his head and a white hoody to cover most his face, a tan tone, and long silvery black hair. He stands on the top of this pillar with no ease or care in the world as he is 40 stories up from the ground. A figure looking like a spec from his point of view shouts to him. " Raven you hear me this will be your final test, a test of awareness, do you hear me?" Raven not paying attention to what the person had to say was reading a book giving him the okay sign while laughing at the comedy of the book. "This book is interesting Uncle you should look at it the main character's a-" But before Raven could finish his sentence a overly large pillar came rushing at him. In a moments time he quickly jumped to another pillar watching the other two break into giant clumps of gravel and marble. As big chunks come flying Raven's way he quickly takes a sword which was hidden underneath his Sash and he quickly swipes the large piece of rubble. The man looks "hmmm and he did all that but not even looking, excellent." - to be continued. . .