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This is the relm of the Shinigami, You are either a human, Demon Or a death god itself, There is a small battle of the humans and death gods going on, And you are in the middle of it, Pick your side wisely, For there will be no changing sides unless... Unless you have ben granted permission from the master shinigami... To do this you must message her, She is watching over the war, and helping the demons and death gods. She is always watching.

Name: (first and last)
Age: (demon years or human years<shinigami dont have years so just use infanite>)
Breif history: (must be at least 50 words)
(image) and breif discription of apperance
Weapon: (and picture of it)

Thank you,
Master Shinigami, Haruuto


Name: God's Messenger


Name: Subarashī and Mini Subarashī
Age: 24
Bio: Subarashi was born in the city of Stanhope Gardens, his parents were killed by a Shinigami, therefore he has always hated them, through the trauma he created a mini version oof himself. He changed his name to Subarashi because that was his fathers name, him and mini Subarashi have been through a lot since their parents died, but the biggest achievement was being granted with the God's Messenger by none other than Jesus Christ himself. He has been destroying Demons and Shinigami ever since.


Name: Haruuto (no last name)
Age: infanite
Breif history: She was once the least ranking of Shinigami but she fought her way to the top. She is now the master shinigami. Some have tried to take her place but so far none have prevailed. Her favorite thing to do is sit and watch the others take part in their everyday activities, she is able to take human form of anyone she wants, but when she does she always has black eyes. Thus giving her away to the human world. She is easy to get along with because of her friendly past, When she was a human, she was not popular, but she did have friends. She used to love to draw and still does in her free time.
External Image Being the master shinigami she has a more human apperance and she carries larger wings on her back
Weapon: Magic Scyth External Image