Do things annoy you? Well things certainly annoy me. Alot infact. So many that I've made a new world dedicated to me complaining about things. Every week I'll get something else off my chest.


I hate it when you have something reeeaaaaallllly important to say, but no one is litsening, so you forget what you had to say! Or if the person you need to tell is all ready in a conversation and don't let you interupt, and then you forget! Or if there is one song lyric or name or something like that that you just can't remember and you go insane. I hate it!!!!! And it happens to me constantly! Gah. I must have *AMNESIA!* (little of an inside joke.) But still, it's quite annoying. ESPECIALLY if it is important. And I'm sure this happens to everyone alot.

Xmas decorations

I hate it when you walk into a department store and they've got christmas decorations up OVER TWO MONTHS BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!! If you follow advent calanders correctly there's no point buying one in October!!! Why shops? WHY? It's not really a bad thing, it just, hmm, I don't know how to put it, seems out of place. It isn't right. Can you at least wait until December!?!?!?

Lockers (again)

"Again? Surely they aren't that bad?"

Oh, if only you new.

Some evil person with alot of physical strength who may of been angry, or evil, or controlled my the millenium rod, decided to bash in my locker and a couple around it. Even though the others that got bashed in around mine no one uses. Hooray! I can't shut my locker so people can steal my stuff! I'm just so excited! Damn them. Also, after attempting to shut my locker for the first time after "the incident" I gave up, for it would not close. So I walked across the the lockers paralell to the ones on my side (See diagram from other post) to where my friends locker is. It's pretty much opposite mine. I waited for her to put her stuuf away so we could leave. As I was waiting, Dylan, the one who has a locker above mine, decided to browse through my locker, Whilst I was standing right there! He's such an idiot! And I'm not joking! Litterally! Also, today, whilst also waiting at my friends locker, a football was thrown from the other "area" and hit her in the head! I'm glad it wasn't me, but it still makes me angry! Stupid year nines! I hate my year level, except for my frinends. (woot! 8 of us!)

locker bays

Locker bays. I hate them. Today I got slammed into by another humans body. I didn't like it, not one bit. Our locker bay is divided up into three sections, each with an entrance at the front. Today they didn't open the door infront of the section that my lockers in, which means you have to go through the entrance at the next door section and walk through a gap big enough for two people if squish togther. But keep in mind that 50 students are trying to fit through this tiny gap. Also, the people who have lockers around my one are annoying. They take really long and keep fighting, me getting hit with recoil. Also, the food. People like throwing food over the lockers into the other section. You shouldn't be suprised if you get hit in the head by a squishy banana skin. I don't like the locker area. It's a mess. And just incase my description isn't descriptive enough, here's a rough picture: