*My undecided story*

Ok I know I said I'd be mostly posting funny pics but I need some help. I've been wanting to write a story using my own original characters. So umm so I came up with some characters (which I'll post as fan art as soon as i get my scanner to work properly ><) ...anyways I wanted to provide some character profiles and a bit of what my plotline is and hopefully get some opinons? I also have not quite gotten the hang of everything yet so I appologize if it takes forever for me to do things!

Charater Profiles:

JUN- (narrator 1) Normally she's a sweet girl, but let's just say she has a temper. Especially when it involves her co-narrator Kyo.

KYO- (narrator 2) Pretty much insane... insanely stupid. Though he believes himself to be a certified genius, or at least normal, he is far from it. His ridiculous commentary drives Jun off the wall.

TOYA- (protagonist) Somehow he and his sister get dragged off into a magical world... by a cat. Toya is what we know as "too serious." He's a bit depressing and sarcastic. A 'fun killer' so to speak. He's protective of his sister however, and is loyal to those he calls friends.

YOSHI- She's Toya's sister. This girl is about the sweetest being in the universe. Her innocence is endearing... even if it appears odd at times (due to her age). While typically a good girl, Yoshi does get into trouble when her curiousity takes over.

PRINCE RONMARU- ("Ruler" of the "magical" world) When he is first introduced Ronmaru is well... a cat. He drags the siblings to his castle by accident. The Prince is eccentric, a bit perverted, and thinks of himself as a god. Toya would decribe him as "one crazed-up froot loop."

YUKITO- (Advisor to the Price) This fellow suffers through what is known as having a double personality. Yukito is both a sophisticated intellect and an unstopable prankster. Though he usually is composed it seems that spicy food brings out his inner crazy eight year old demon child self. No one's sure why... and it doesn't help that he never remembers what happened during his destructive personality. His weakness is spicy tuna rolls, and they always bring about chaos.

TSUMI- (Red Fairy Queen) Any good story needs a bad guy, in this case it's an evil fairy. Tsumi is not really a fairy, or red for that matter. She WAS the fiance of Prince Ronmaru, but caught him with a maid a week after the engagement. She's sworn off men and vowed to get revenge on Ronmaru for his "cheating rat-bastard self." Tsumi is probably the most beautiful girl in Hai Gokuraku. That coupled with her thriving intellelect and a drive for revenge makes her dangerous... too bad she's terrified of blood.

[note: Hai Gokuraku is the name of the "magical world" and means high paradise]

Well those are the main characters... There's a few "minions" and other people but I'll leave that for another time. Obviously this is more of a comedy-based story. It works in two parts. Jun and Kyo are telling this story yet the audience also get's to see them and their crazy acts and commentary between scenes. I will post an example of this soon. :) Thanks to those who read this and please send me your thoughts...pretty please? But yeah I'll get started on the narrating example. ^^;