glad to be back

after nearly a year or so i have returned! i am so glad to be back i thought i could never get back on here i missed you all so much *hugs all*
alot has happened over the past year i have moved and we have to move once again, i have a new BF, i have purple hair, i can draw sooooo much better now, i have a DA account that i actually upload things on, i am in a new school, i have new pets and many many other things have happened not all good but there has to be some bad parts in this world
i hope you all like my new art that i shall upload ASAP!
see you later

fullmetal alchemist

hiya i decided to test out the effects on my wmm hope you like it
love pudding

my 1st year on youtube =D

WOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! its my first year on youtube and i would like to celebrate with this amv X3 it took me 3 weeks to make and i'm actually real proud of it and i really hope you like it *I OWN NOTHING* not the anime not the songs not nothing!!!!
this is dedicated to all my subscribers and friends not just on here but on every website (facebook, msn, theotaku ect.)
love pudding!

random fma amv

just though i would upload another one of my vids of youtube for you guys

hope you like it
btw i used a youtube converter to get the vids so please dont ask how i did some of the effects made with wmm i own nothing
love puddin

my view on series 1 and movie of fullmetal alchemist

i had recentally watched the first series of fma and the movie and this post is about my view on it
fullmetal alchemist is a heart warming yet amazingly sad anime that had changed a strong part of my life and had touched my heart. FMA is the most beautiful anime ever created. FMA just too beautiful for words because of the bond between the brothers and their suffering. the movie just complete the anime and made it twice as great FMA is the Greatest anime ever, I hope it will be remembered from now till the end of time please if you have not watched it i strongly recommend it to all
here is a song from the anime called brother everytime i hear it i cry and if you have watched the anime you will know why

thank you for reading my post please leave a comment
love pudding