RanDoM sToRy Set 2-Part 2: INCUDING DEATH!

...........Hehehehehehehehhhh............Guess who was hyper again 8D
But diz time...........I wasn't alone..........
DEATH HELPED-ED!!!!!!!!!! 8D

So! Here is our Random Story- Set 2- Part 2
<<One bright sunny day, Emmz & her friends (Joe, Death, Greg, & Alexa) were hanging around Emmz & Death's house. And they decided that Alexa needed a boyfriend.....>>

Alexa: WHY ME!??!?!??!? D=
Emmz: Because! U've had 2 many guyz break yer heart, & we decided ta find da perfect guy fer u! 8D
Alexa: *sweatdrops* Ohhh boooy.....
Joe: Hmmmmmmmmmm...............I can't think of anyone -__-'
Greg: Me niether >_>
Death: *shakes head*
Emmz: *has evil smirk on face*
Alexa: o___0 Oh god, Emmz what are you thinking?!?!??!??!?!?
Emmz: Hehehehhehhh, nooothiiiing >:) *takes out gadget-thingy* Guys, we're going to meet a few people!!!!!
Alexa: o___0 OH GOD!!!! NOT THAT THING!!!!!
Emmz: Oh yes, diz Thing's back! >8D *transports her & her friends to a place.......*

<<In Hueco Mundo........Hahahaaa >8^}D>>
*Ichigo, Uryu, Chad, Rukia, & Renji are running through the hallways of Las Noches to save Orihime*
Ichigo: Come on, guys! We must find her!!! *a huge explosion appears in front of them & soon afterwards, the dust clears away*
Emmz: HELLO HUECO MUNDO~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^U^ *sees only Ichigo & friends* o___0 What're u guyz doing here!?!??!!??!?!?
Ichigo: We're here to save Orihime....How about you guys?
Emmz: Hehehehh, we're hear ta set my pal Alexa here *points at Alexa* on a date with some gorgeous hot guy ^w^
Ichigo: -__-' Are you serious????
Emmz: Well of course I am! Imma certain dat we'll find someone fer her here~! 8D *links arms with Ichigo* Now come on! Let's go & find someone! ^w^
Ichigo: *jerks arm away from Emmz* I don't have time for this! I must save Orihime!
Emmz: Oh dunt worry! Greg'z got dat part! ^____^

<<Where Orihime is.........Or should I say, WAS......>>

Death wrote this part.

Greg: *is wearing Orihime's Espada clothes and is wearing a wig...Orihime has already escaped and is wearing Greg's clothes* Oh god, I hope like hell nothing freaky happens.......Oh god..........If anything does, I'm gonna kill you, Emmz! >:O
Aizen: *walks into room* Orihime >:)
Greg: OH SH_T!
Random Guy: YAY! :)
Random Guy: *runs away*
Aizen: ... How dispicable. *turns to the disguised Greg* So, Orihime, how was your supper Ulquiorra brought you?
Greg: *making his voice higher* Umm, it's good!
Aizen: I knew it you would like it, for I told Ulquiorra to make it from a recipe I had made, specially for you.
Greg: ... WHAT TIME IS IT?
Aizen: It's bedtime, Orihime. >8)
Greg: AAAAHHHH!!!! *gets up and runs to door, but door is locked. Greg turns to Aizen, who is now almost two inches away from him.* LET ME OUT YOU DIRT BAG!!! >:0
Aizen: *suspicious tone* Orihime, you don't sound like yourself; do you feel sick?
Greg: *goes back to higher voice* Umm, no, I feel fine! ^^
Aizen: *still in suspicious tone* I think you have a cold, Orihime.
Greg: *high voice* No, I feel fine! I'll take some Aspirin, that's all!
Aizen: *goes to unhappy tone* Well then, good night, Orihime. *grabs the wig and rips it off Greg's head* You're not Orihime, I knew it >:(
Greg: OH F__K! D8 *runs away*

<<In The Hallways of Las Noches...>>

Orihime: *running down the hallway* The next time I see Greg, I'll have to thank him for disguising himself as me....Now, I must find Ishida-kun & the others!
Emmz: *is walking down the hallway, dragging Ichigo with her* ALRIGHT~!!! SO! Who r we gonna ask 1st!??!?!? *sees Orihime* o0o!!!!!! ORIHIME~!!!!!!! 8D *glopms Orihime* YAAAAAY~!!!!!!! DA PLAN WORKED~!!! ^_____^ Now where's Greg????
Orihime: Um.......He's back in my room........
Orihime: I'm sorry! But no one told me! D'=
Emmz: Awwww, dunt worry bout it! We'll find him later! ^______^ Now. We needa find a boyfriend fer Alexa! 8D
Orihime: o__0' a.........Boyfriend???
Alexa: *is hand-cuffed to Emmz* Yeeeaaah.........Don't ask -___-'

Szayel: *is walking down the hallway & notices Emmz & people* Well well. What do we have here???
Emmz: WE HAVE YER FUTURE GIRLFRIEND~! *pushes Alexa towards Szayel*
Szayel: *pushes Alexa back* What are you doing, mortal?
Emmz: I'm only trying ta make yer life better! Now will ya go out wid her er not?! >:(
Szayel:.....Go out? No! I have no time for that kind of stuff! *walks away*
Emmz: Jerk......LET'Z GO & FIND SOMEONE ELSE~!!!! ^w^
Alexa: Nooooooo! >_<

Emmz: *sees Nnoitora chilling in the hallway* AHA~! HERE'Z A DASHING.........um.......SPOON FER YA! 8D
Alexa: A what?? o___0
Emmz: *tugs on Noitora's spoon-shaped hood-thingy* A spoon! This'll b perfect fer ya!
Nnoitora: Hey, what the hell?! Stop it! *pushes Emmz away*
Emmz: OW! >___< Well dat wasn't very nice of ya! *turnz ta Alexa* Yeah, diz guy ain't good fer ya. He'z 2 violent. LET'Z MOVE ON~! *dragz Alexa away*
Nnoitora:...........What the hell???

Emmz: *is dragging Alexa down the hallways* Hmmmmmm, now who shall be next.........*sees someone ahead* 8D FOUND SOMEONE~!!!!!
Alexa: Oh god.....
Emmz: *goes up to person* Well hello there~! U look like da kinda person dat needz a girl in day're life! How about my great pal Alexa, A????? Come ooon!!! I know ya wanna~! 8D *is pushing Alexa towards him* Come onnnn~!!!! Ya............ya..........*is terrified* 8| Uh ohz......
Aizen: *is very angry & annoyed* You have returned..........*holds up Greg by the collar* I'm asuming this is one of your friends?
Emmz: 8| ummmmmmm.........yes.........
Aizen: *drops Greg in front of them*
Greg: *crawls towards Alexa & Emmz* AW GOD MAN! EMMZ, YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT!
Emmz: Y?? Whut happened????
Greg: I SWEAR TO GOD THAT I WAS GONNA BE RAPED IN THERE!!!!!!! Until I called him a Dirt Bag, then I felt like I was gonna be dinner Dx
Alexa: Sucks to be you >=P
Greg: >8( ╬
Aizen: *pulls out Kyouka Suigetsu*
Emmz: OHHHH F__K!!!!!! GUYZ, WE BETTA RUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!! *grabs Greg & Alexa by the arms & runs like hell*
Heya guyz~!!!!!!! ^__________^
It'z me, Emmz =P

Alright, so me &Death were bored & we decided ta write a Random Story, aaaaaaaaaaaaand it'll b continued later, but it'll also be continued widda other one I wrote, with Freddy randomly at our school, & the Old Guy.............Yeah.
So stay tuned~!!! ^_________^

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