The Musical~!^^

Me: Welcome to the Souma Musical^^! Enjoy!

*curtains open ands music plays**the souma's at this place are working as police*

Haru:In this thunduring heard we feel alot like cattle...*while saying that he acciden't runs into a random girl and turns into an ox*
Haru:*....we'll let's just say black haru got a little ugly*
Everyone else:With theese pounding beasts, our aching feat aren't easy to ignore
Shigure:Hey!Think Of instead, a girl worth fighting fooor!^^
Tohru*in disguise*:huh?-_-;
Shigure:Thats what i said! A girl worth fiighting fooor!I want her paler than the moon!with eyes that shine like stars!
Kyo:Someone Who'll marvel at my strength, adore my battle scars!
Momiji:*got this part becuase he thought it was funny*I couldn't care what she looks like, it all depends on what she cooks like!^-^


Haru:*is still black haru**chases ritsu of the stage*


Yuuki:*lol only part we managed to get him to particapate in*:And the local girls thought you were quite the charmer.

Shigure:And I'll bet the girls love a man in armor!

Akito:(thoughts:your in uniform not armor you twit...)

Everyone:And guess whats that we missed the most when we packed off to war

Akito:(...were at war...?)

Shigure:And what do we want?

Everyone:A girl worth fighting for!A girl worth fighting for!

Kyo:My girl will think I have no faults,

Momiji:And I am the major fine!^^

Tohru*in disguise*:*got cued to sing*uh-h how bout a girl whoose got a brain....who always speaks her mind...?



Shigure:My family ways and turnaways ar sure to thrillll heeeeeeeeerrrrrr

Kyo:He think's he such a lady killer...

Akito:A girl back home whoose unlike any other!*twitch*^_-(<--forced smile*)

Kyo:The only girl who'd love him is his mother. -_-'

Akito:*clenches teeth,grabs kyo's hair and takes him back stage**loud crashes are being heard along with chockes and screams*

Everyone else:when we come home from victory,we'll light up at the door

Shigure:What do we want?

Everyone:A girl worth fighting for!

Shigure:Wish that I had~!

Everyone:A girl worth fighting foooooor!A girl worth fighting.....................fooooor!

Me:Endu~!Thank you for watching despite their out burts.*everyone glares at me**runs for the high heavens*