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This is for the lols

.... Where is everyone?

-looks around theO and DA- where is everyone? Is no one- oh wait, school. If anyone is out there, message me! Let me know I'm not alone, please?

Hiatus explaination

SO, vmpgrl and I have been on hiatus for a while now. Me because my laptop was broke, vampy because she had to give her laptop back for the summer. I am working on art at the moment, so expect updates soon. I also am wondering if anyone wants to do a video/animation colab with me.... Anyone?

....... :/ I need sleep......

So, I'm at the Global Game Jam location in Harrisburg, and we're 12 hours less. I also had about 3 hours sleep.

Now, the GGJ is a 48 hour thing that allows those that want to enter the game design field to get experience working under pressure. That means that we have to finish up our game before 5pm on Sunday. ........ I need food....


I hate this! I hardly can get on theO, and I have a fanfiction I've been writing. BTW, Anyonw wanna do chapter art? pm me if you want to! ^.^


So, I was just told that I'm leaving my current school, and going the ass wipe that is my town's public school.I don't even get an option, and if I did, I would stay since it's my last fuckin' year! I can't even imagine going there, and why, you ask? I have all my credits! My public school needs different credits, so I have to go through everything all over again! I'll right up a letter, letting my parents know how I feel. Until then, you're gonna notice that I'm basically dead during the day in the fall.