Constructive Criticism

Fellow artists we all need to make better comments. Since I’m at random worlds and I wanted to write something this came to me some days ago. This is about how people comment and view constructive criticism . I think that we have big problems on the comments lately. I will divide the comment characteristics into four:

1.-Morale :When someone says something positive about your work. (M)
2.-Artistic Reflection: Someone says what he likes of your picture. What did you do very good under his personal opinion. (AR)
3.- Artistic Constructive Criticism : When someone sees a detail in you picture that needs a little help to make the picture better. This person will have to guide a little the artist with a good description (The eyes look great but the lines look shabby).(AC)
4.-Personal Chat: Sometimes comments go to other areas and this is not bad. Having a good chat in a comment is something we all enjoy. Many post comments are directed to this style.

Ok having written those 4 I will add some comment examples and how they are graded:

“Morale Destroyer”
-This is the worst picture I ever seen just stop drawing. (M:-2 AR:0 AC:0 PC:-1)

This comment didn’t helped the artist to get better at all and didn’t helped on the positive side of the picture (even if you are bad you have something good at the

“The crazy idiot”
-Blehfhsjfshfdj unggaaaaaa!!! (M:0 AR:0 AC:0 PC: (what does that means ) ? )

This is not even a comment!

“The usual comment”
-Great work I love this (M:+1 AR:0 AC:0 PC: 0 )

Ok thanks for the vote on confidence I’m glad you liked it .But hum why did you liked it and what you don’t like of it .And seems you didn’t want to chat.

“The good effort comment”
-Great awesome art this really came out good. I like how you did the eyes. (M:+1, AR:+1, AC:0 ,PC:0 )

Well good you liked it and well I know now I did a good work on the eyes. So hum I didn’t made something wrong at all right ?This kind of comment gives a little morale boost and also tells you something about what you did good. But it just gives little info about the picture .We cant imagine how is that picture with those few lines.

Good comment example:

“The comment artist”

-Wow that round face looks so well .I like shield type faces but this one works .The eyes are great lined and the nose looks awesome. What a nice perspective pose I love how the thumb is up and very close to the screen .The hair of the girl looks awesome and what a nice school uniform you made. I think the other hand looks like hidden try showing it a little more .Great background I like the park but how about a dog or a cat at it. This will add a little of extra fun to the picture .If there could be people playing with the dog ,will be extra joyfull. I hope you are fine it’s been a while I don’t see new pictures over here.

(M:+3 AR:+5 AC:+3 PC:+2)

And I can even imagine the picture!

General reflection:

Yes I know those kind of comments are hard to do and that maybe not many will read this post. But let’s try to do better comments and be constructive. Generally good artists will like to succeed and also help young artists to get better. I must say I don’t always make great comments but I really try. Well hope someone reads and likes the article it took me some time to do it .