Read Manga Faster~

So you wanna read manga faster but is annoyed that you have to turn and wait for every page to load?

You see, I've been reading a lot of manga in this particular site. It loads the manga by chapter. All you have to do is wait until the entire chapter have completely loaded and then scroll down :> You don't have to wait for a page to load and then click again for the next page and then wait again. I find that thing really a hassle since my internet speed is unimaginably slow >w< You'll save tons of waiting in this one, I assure you~ ^w^

Here is an example. This is a part of the manga I'm currently reading "Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen". Yes currently as in right now while I'm typing this post >v<
These are 3 pages from the manga separated by those black lines, of course it's not actually that small uwu Its the same size as where we usually read.

The site also have a place for popular manga, new and hot manga (those with hot signs are usually good to read) and also my oh so favorite, the advance search. You can also be a member for free and bookmark all th manga you wanna read, after you read a chapter, that chapter would have a different color so it's really easy to know what chapter you last read.

OMG. It looks like I'm advertising this site LOL I'm not affiliated with this site or anything. I just wanna tell you guys ^w^

So I don't wanna make this post extremely long so here's the ♥Linkie♥ to the site :3